@VellaLovell Shines in #CrazyExGirlfriend “Oh Nathaniel, It’s On” via @stacyamiller85 @CW_CrazyXGF

What makes  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend special in addition to being well acted and written, is that it also has many characters whose unique personalities radiate our television screens every Friday night.

One of those characters is Heather Davis (Vella Lovell).  According to the Urban Dictionary “Heather is an amazing person that defines what a woman should be. She’s caring, honest, strong, sweet, gorgeous, funny, talented, firm, witty, loaded with sex appeal”  Well, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend really got this right when the writers penned the character of Heather and Vella Lovell was cast.  Heather is all these things.  She’s the person a lot of us may wish we were; Heather tells it like it is, but not in a way that intends to hurt. She’s open and honest and shows little insecurity.

In the three seasons since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been on the air, we know that Heather has high intellect and is an overachiever. “I’m a student” is Heather’s mantra. She loves school and education to the point that in a recent episode, the thought of graduating sent her into a tailspin where she considered actually failing a course so she’d have to retake it and remain in college. Who could forget the amazing performance of “The Moment Is Me” by Vella:

If there’s one complaint I have about Heather is that she doesn’t get nearly the amount of screen time the character (and actress) deserves. Heather appears, exchanges a few witty barbs in an episode and is then gone.  And in some episodes, she is absent altogether. Seems like such a waste.  But for the Heather fans like myself, we were rewarded for our patience with a Heather story in the episode “Oh Nathaniel, It’s On!” In this episode, we saw Heather attending a training for Home Base Industries and providing ideas for company and employee improvements. I commend the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writers for not being afraid to discuss diversity and racial sensitivity in the script. Heather is biracial but has been mistaken for Indian and the awkwardness in Kevin’s conversations with her are some I’m sure those of mixed races have experienced. And as a minority who has worked for non-racially diverse companies, it was great hearing Heather calling out Home Base Industries and encouraging diversity. Heather is smart and an asset to any company and ends of becoming a Regional Manager for Home Base Industries.

But Heather’s foray into the professional world wasn’t the only change we saw for the character.  As the episode “Oh Nathaniel, It’s On!” concluded, Heather decided to be the surrogate for Darryl (Pete Gardner), who viewers of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend knows desperately wants a baby, after complications with his current surrogate.  This is a huge decision for Heather. I wonder how it will also impact her new professional career as well as her budding romance with Hector (Erick Lopez).

In interviewing actor Pete Gardner twice, he mentioned both times how much he’d love to have more scenes with Vella Lovell. It looks like Pete is getting his wish now that Darryl and Heather’s story lines have crossed. Here’s hoping this means more Heather on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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