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The recent outing of Supernatural was an episode titled “Various & Sundry Villains” was full of witch-y fun and featured the return from the dead of a favorite. Below I offer my thoughts on what I feel were the best things about the episode.

The opinions offered are that of the writer and not of The Nerdy Girl Express and may differ from those of others. It contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Various & Sundry Villains,” please do not continue reading.

5. Dean under a love spell

Every time we see one of the Winchester brothers being under the influence of magical mind control, we can expect some humorous results. This time it was Dean (Jensen Ackles) who was slipped the witch ruffie, courtesy of a hex bag and spell by Jennie Plum (Elise Gatien). A smitten Dean confused his love for Jamie to brother Sam (Jared Padalecki); telling little brother that he was going to ask Jamie to move in with him at the Men of Letters bunker. And to show his affection, Dean was going to give Jamie a special gift: The Black Grimoire. This romantic offering told Sam that his brother was bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Sam’s attempt to stop the spellbound Dean from handing over the powerful tome resulted in a punch to the face by big bro, leading to:

  4. Sam and Dean’s fight for love

Yes we adore the brothers when they hug, but who can argue that unless Sam is drinking demon blood and wants to kick Dean’s ass (Like in the Season 4 “When the Levee Breaks”), Dean is being controlled by a siren and tries to kill Sam with an ax (Like in the Season 4 episode “Sex and Violence”) or he becomes a demon, the Winchesters’ fight scenes are some of the funniest moments in Supernatural history. Just like in the Season 2 episode “Tall Tales,” Sam and Dean’s fight in “Various & Sundry Villains” when Dean tried to stop Sam from shooting Jamie was a hoot. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are masters at slapstick comedy. As long as the brothers aren’t trying to kill each other, we’re good with it.

                      3. Rowena’s return/learning Crowley was dead

Those two little words “Hello Boys” uttered by our fiery red-headed witch was enough to get us jumping for joy. Ding, dong, the witch wasn’t dead…and we couldn’t have been happier. Ruth Connell’s presence on Supernatural lights up the screen. And when Rowena learned that Crowley was dead her line “For a mother, it’s better to have a son that hated you then a dead hero” was delivered by Connell with perfection.

2. Sam and Rowena share their fears

Both Sam and Rowena have suffered horribly at the hands of the devil so you can imagine the lingering fears they have. In a powerful scene, the adversaries forced to be comrades for a common goal (retrieving The Black Grimoire), shared a moment where they admit how much Lucifer terrifies them. And has Sam made the biggest mistake of his life by allowing Rowena to take a page from The Black Grimoire? Which leads to:

                                                                                                    1. Rowena’s spell

The Black Grimoire in hand, Rowena performs the spell of all spells.  And at its conclusion, her eyes flash blue. What has Rowena become? Is she now more powerful than Lucifer himself? Will she be the Winchesters’ next Big Bad? Stay tuned.

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