The MisAdventures of Michael McMichaels Vol 4: The Double Dog Dare By: Tony Penn Illustrated by: Brian Martin via @erinwise82

This is definitely a series you don’t want to miss out on. 

“When wealthy new student Zeke moves into the neighborhood, he threatens to steal away Michael’s best friend Kenny. Green with envy, Michael challenges Zeke to crazy double-dog dares just to prove he’s still top dog and Kenny’s best bro. But when harmless dares escalate into bad jokes that hurt others, Michael has to figure out how to make things right again… or if he even can.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Funny and quarky, this delightful tale is full of child angst.

It took me back to my childhood, remembering just how important your very best friend was, doing whatever possible to keep them your bestest friend. Michael makes mistakes, quite a few, as many children do, but he learns from them and tries with all he has to make things right.

This is told in a way that grabs young readers attention, with things they go through everyday, the same feelings and thoughts. Showing our young minds it’s ok to make a mistake or a bad choice, the important thing is to learn from it and be the best you, you can be.

Parents of elementary school-aged children, I highly recommend this series, this book, to you and your kids. Something you guys can read together. It’s got a great narrative. It’s right up there with “Diaries of a Wimpy Kid” and “The Dork Diaries”.

You can purchase the book at the link below.


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