Theo Paxstone and the Dragon of Adyron By James Turner Review via @erinwise82

Dragons and witches and knights and steampunk…Oh My!

Theo, a young orphan boy, works at a steam mech repair shop as a mechanic.
He dreams of being a brave knight like he reads about in his books.

When a dragon destroys the royal tournament, Theo knows everyone will love him
once he slays the massive beast. Teaming up with an old knight in a wheelchair and his squire,
they set out on an epic adventure.

The world created in this book is beyond amazing. Learning valuable lessons along the way
puts this novel over the top. You watch characters grow and find themselves. I’m looking
forward to more of this world…these characters.

This is one I would highly recommend. It’s a great tale for children, giving them something
totally new to dive into.

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