#Constantine Episode Three Recap from @ImmieBroods

Welcome back! Is what I should be saying about myself because I haven’t reviewed for this site in a while, but that changes now. What was I covering the last time I reviewed something? Ah yes, Constantine. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

This is my review for episode 3, The Devil’s Vinyl. It starts in Chicago, Illinois, late at night.  An old building named “Moonrise Studios” is all boarded up until a mysterious blonde woman pulls up in her car and breaks into the studios. She’s waving her flashlight about and there are squirrels glued to a door, which is really creepy unless the squirrels had a wild night out and now I’m going off topic. Anyway, there are old records on the floor. She goes into a room where some poor animals have being killed and gives herself a jump scare, you know the kind I mean, by looking into a mirror at her own reflection. She breaks the wall to remove an item, it’s the Bible. She opens it to reveal a vinyl record in a sleeve.

She leaves with the vinyl and meets up with a record producer to show him what she found. She asks him not to listen to it, but to just have a look at the record. She gets a call from her daughter and leaves the studio recording area while the producer decides to listen to the track. Sounds like jazz at first, but eventually there’s screaming and why am I reviewing this in the evening? He grabs a sharp object and stabs himself in the ear while the blonde woman is outside, looking on in horror.

After the cool, minimalistic opening sequence, back at the Tardis house, Zed is sitting outside in a car as Chas appears with his shotgun pointed at her, asking her how she found the place. She shows him a drawing of the place and he puts his gun down. They go inside to find Constantine, naked, covered in blood, chanting in what sounds like gibberish, inside a salt circle to prevent him from getting out. Chas tells Zed that he’s learning a spell. Chas explains the house and opens a door to show her a hallway that goes on forever. Perfect if you like hoarding everything. Zed touches a newspaper and has a vision. She’s walking around the house, but she’s still in her vision, hands out, enjoying the falling Jasmine.

She snaps out of it and wants his help on how to control her powers. They leave for Chicago and they sneak into a morgue. They find the dead body of the record producer, Bernie. Constantine pulls out a severed hand that’s been enchanted, he uses it to bring Bernie back from the dead for a while to find out what or who killed him. He lights the fingers of the zombie hand and holds it over Bernie. He starts his spell, Bernie springs up as well as every other corpse, trying to break free from their body bags. Bernie gives him one clue “Moonrise.” Zed uses google on her phone to look up Moonrise and shows it to Constantine, they have a lead.

Back at the house of the blonde woman, she has the record, but it feels really cold so she hides it in her personal vinyl collection. It starts to freeze everything around it. Zed and Constantine have made it to a hospital to follow up on their lead. He uses a playing card as I.D, it’s charmed and works like the psychic paper that Doctor Who uses to get past security. People see what they want to see. The lead, Mooney is old and dying but tells them about the Devil’s Vinyl. Old Blues singer was recording a song and an evil spirit also got recorded, taking the musician away. Mooney tried taking the record somewhere else, but he heard voices telling him to do terrible things. Mooney hid the record away from anyone else in a section of the wall at the studio because he couldn’t destroy it. He does give them another lead though. They’re driving in the car as Constantine talks about the devil while we see another scene of the blonde woman’s daughter reaching for the record.

Constantine and Zed make it to a mansion and break in, their second lead, Ian is inside. He threatens Ian and the blond woman turns up, Jasmine, with a gun. Constantine realizes that she is the one that made a deal with a demon. A lot like the crossroads demons from Supernatural. Ian had cancer and she traded her soul so he could live.This demon is named Anton. Constantine takes her phone because Anton gave him an address. He goes to check it out leaving Zed with Jasmine, Ian, and their daughter, Julilah. She plays the record, but the parents quickly stop her.

Constantine meets Anton, but realizes that he is more of an errand boy demon who works for someone else. He goes into another room to meet an old enemy, Papa Midnite. An African voodoo priest that extorts human souls. His people hit Constantine and he wakes up, all tied up. Papa Midnite needs the vinyl he calls his “get out of hell for free” card. He injects Constantine with an anticoagulant and slices Constantine’s arm, causing him to bleed out.

Zed is at the mansion making a call for Chas to join them. Papa Midnite’s people turn up to take the vinyl away. They’re in the car as it starts to frost up. Constantine is approached by a homeless man who tries to rob him, but Manny the angel takes over the homeless man’s body to annoy Constantine. The homeless man tries to kill him, but Zed shows up and scares him off. The next day Constantine and Zed turn up outside a club where Midnite’s men have played the record inside. Bodies are taken out and Chas turns up with a few things that Constantine had requested. Zed finds a busboy who survived and Constantine grills him, but Zed stops him by telling him that he is deaf. He looks embarrassed and awkward as the busboy explains what happened. Zed sees a white tiger behind the busboy and Chas notices a sign on the wall with a tiger mascot. They head to a college where the vinyl will be played to a big audience.

This next sequence is what made me take notice of the main character. He puts in earphones and plays some Sex Pistols on his iPod while the vinyl is being played indoors. H doesn’t care about himself, but he does what needs to be done to stop the students tearing each other apart. Chas goes to his car to drive it into the broadcast tower to stop the signal while Constantine is inside fighting the students. His earphones come off so he suffers with the rest of the students.

Papa Midnite walks in with earbuds and a shotgun. He shoots the speakers that are playing the vinyl. Constantine asks about the weapon, Midnite explains that it’s called the Ace of Winchester and it never misses. Midnite goes to get the vinyl, but Constantine uses a spell to send the vinyl back to hell while Midnite watches his people die. I refuse to explain the manner of death because it’s really gruesome. He sneaks out leaving Midnite in the room. Chas and Constantine arrive back at the mansion as Jasmine is dying because of the deal made with Anton. Constantine and Chas force the demon to eat the contract, making it null and void. Constantine gives a voice-over about making deals with demons. Papa Midnite is busy making a Constantine voodoo doll and burning it. Their feud is just beginning.

You can find me on Twitter with the handle @immiebroods if you want to discuss the show further. Maybe tell me what I missed in this review. Thank you for reading my review. I’ll be back soon with another, it won’t take too long.

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