#Constantine Episode Four Recap from @ImmieBroods

Greetings readers, yes, it has been almost a month since I’ve written a review for Constantine. I am well aware of the time gap, yes I did say the gap would be shorter so technically, I’m in the right. Anyway, let’s carry on with my ongoing episode review of Constantine.

Episode 4, A feast of Friends, a man named Gary Lester arrives by plane at an airport. He looks like someone who’s had a little too much. He is questioned by customs and he says he’s here for a friend, but the customs guy looks at him suspiciously. He gets taken away to an interrogation room where he is questioned by a police officer about the antique bottle he has brought with him that is just sitting on the table. The police officer wants to take a closer look, but Gary warns him not to touch it. As with any show, when you tell them not to do something and they look frightened, that character feels a need to be brave and do it anyway. The bottle breaks and all these flying insects start to fly about and enter the police officer through his mouth. I hope he has a breath mint to freshen up.

Constantine and Zed are sitting in the park. He’s drinking his coffee on the grass while she’s taking in all the nature and fresh air. Zed starts to see falling coins and everything stops. That pesky angel, Manny, has decided to pay Constantine a visit. He asks if she’s willing to help as Constantine points out all her positive personality traits. Before Constantine can ask about Manny’s true intentions, he flies off. They get back to the Tardis house and the door looks like someone has broken in. They go inside to find Gary trapped in a zero gravity trap, he’s just stuck midair and floating about. Constantine doesn’t look very happy to see Gary. The last time they met was Newcastle where that little girl was dragged to hell.

Constantine asks Gary to explain himself and we’re treated to a flashback where Gary was out and about, drinking and having fun. He ends up in Sudan looking for a new high. He sees a young man with red lines on his face and he recognizes the patterns as power patterns for binding. He sees this as his chance to atone for what happened in Newcastle. A demon has been trapped inside the young man. He performs an exorcism on the man and those lovely flying insects fly into the bottle that was shown at the start of the episode. The scene quickly switches to the possessed police officer who just wants to eat while his face is deteriorating. He doesn’t even wait for his fries, walks past everyone, and takes them, by hand, out of the fryer. He’s very hungry indeed and he falls over. That demon consisting of flying insects, manages to escape.

Constantine is with Zed back at the Tardis house and he’s found a bottle than can hold the collective of flying insects. He’s talking vaguely about his past with Gary as Zed tries to learn more about their situation in Newcastle. There is a lot of resentment between Constantine and Gary, they never worked out their differences. A woman is in a supermarket bathroom where all those flying insects fly out of the sink and into her. She’s running around the supermarket and grabbing anything she can to quell her hunger. She’s eating raw meat, eating from other people’s shopping carts, but hasn’t made her way to the free samples bit. A security guard tries to stop her, but she takes a bite out of him too.

Constantine is watching it on the news before he goes to put an end to the demon. Gary wants to tag along, but Constantine doesn’t want his help. Constantine leaves and Zed stays with Gary. Zed questions him about Newcastle and Gary explains in just a little more detail than Constantine was willing to give out earlier. Zed goes to touch Gary and she experiences his heroin high and falls down. Constantine questions a young family and finds a lead on where the insect demon went next, a meat factory. He’s looking around for clues as the lights start flickering, he sees a dead body and a sign that says “days without an incident.” He uses the marker to draw a zero. It’s the little things he does that have me laughing with his attitude towards evil.

He finds another worker possessed and performs an exorcism, due to the strength of the demon, he drops the bottle and uses a cow carcass to escape from the flying insects. He goes back to the house to see Gary, but also sees Zed looking like she’s in the same state as him. She tries to explain that she touched Gary leaving Constantine looking even more confused as she tries to explain that it was to do with a psychic transference.  She has his pain, his addiction and his heroin withdrawal symptoms. She gives him a few drawings that she made to help him find a shaman. Constantine meets up with Samir, the shaman, in what looks like a restaurant. The shaman gives him the name of the demon, so I can stop typing flying insect demon collective whatever, Mnemoth. The shaman and Constantine eat a root together and go on a psychedelic trip. The shared vision gets a bit grisly so I’ll just skip past that. It’s a shared vision on how to stop Mnemoth, you’ll see the detail once you watch it. After the trip, Constantine is trying to figure out how the young man that he found abroad ended up in front of Gary.

Gary tricks Zed back at the house and goes after Mnemoth by touching her arms. She feels his withdrawal symptoms as he leaves. Constantine finds her in a state as she tries to justify Gary leaving to atone for his sins, but Constantine still seems bothered by Gary. Constantine tracks Gary and he’s being beaten up by drug dealers. That root he had from the shaman, he gives it to the dealers and goes to a pub with Gary. They talk things out and drink. Gary starts to tell him about his guilt in Newcastle when the little girl, Astra, was taken. He showed cowardice and tried to apologize for his mistakes and Constantine accepts his apology and talks about his guilt with getting others involved.

A news report informs them that there is a theatre in lockdown due to a virus. Constantine and Gary are ready to break into a museum to get a sacred knife, but Manny freezes time to make sure Constantine knows what he is doing. Time resumes as a security guard goes for Constantine, but Gary makes his way into the museum for the knife. He sees Constantine, who has put the security guard under a spell. As long as the guard hears the alarm, the guard has to dance. They walk away leaving the guard to try out his dance moves.

In the theatre, they find Mnemoth trapped inside a man who is eating way too much popcorn. Gary realizes that he and Constantine are the only ones there because Constantine wants him to be the host for Mnemoth. Gary sees this as an opportunity to atone for everything that happened in Newcastle and they say their goodbyes. Constantine performs the spell as Mnemoth flies out of the popcorn man and into Gary. Constantine holds him close to put markings on his face to trap the demon inside as Gary passes out in his arms. He takes Gary back to the house and Zed yells at him for making the decision he did. They put him in a room where he’s screaming in agonizing pain, but Constantine is by his bedside. Manny appears, but time is still moving, which means that it’s the end of Gary.

It just ends like that, I guess in Constantine’s line of work, there is no rest, no time for a happy ending. I hope you all enjoyed my review/recap of Constantine. You can find me on Twitter with the handle @immiebroods if you wish to talk about the show. If you’ve seen it and want to discuss anything that I have missed.

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