@Sony @PlayStation @E3 2018 Conference from @Batmanrules1994

On June 10th Sony had their annual PlayStation E3 Conference. First they showed official gameplay and a new trailer For The Last Of Us Part 2, no release date has been announced yet .Then it was announced that the 4  classic maps from Call Of Duty Blacks Op would be remastered and are coming to Black Ops 4, when you pre-order it.  The remastered maps are coming to Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 3 is now free for PS Plus subscribers.

The trailer for a new DlC for Destiny 2 is coming out on September 4th of this year. The official gameplay trailer for the new game, Ghost Of Tsushima was shown and a trailer was shown for a game called Control, from the creators of Max Payne. A surprise trailer for The Resident Evil 2 remake was announced and it’s coming out January 29th 2019 for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC

A new game from Rick And Morty Co, from creator Justin Roiland, was announced. It’s called Trover Saves The Universe and it will be for PS VR. A new Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer was shown and included a Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End level. There was also a gameplay trailer for Hideo Kojimas’ Death Stranding and Nioh 2 was announced. There was also some footage for Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man game shown. Descine for PS VR was also announced and open world gameplay for the new Spider-Man game was shown. Overall I would say not a bad conference for Sony this year.


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