Distorted with @ChristineRicci and @johncusack Now Available on DVD via @erinwise82

I never, and I mean never, miss an opportunity to watch a movie with either Christina Ricci or John Cusack. 
These two just have an ability to pull you into a plot and make you completely forget the real world for those couple of hours of fantastic cinema. So, when I came across a movie with both these talented actors…I jumped on it.

When you look up a description of this film, it says “A 32-year-old woman suffering from bipolar disorder comes to suspect the proprietor of the state-of-the-art ”smart apartment” she and her husband just moved into is using the building’s residents as unwitting guinea pigs for a ”synthetic telepathy” brainwashing plot with dire global ramifications.” (IMDb.com)….I wouldn’t say she suffers from that condition at all. It’s more like she’s suffering from PTSD. Flashbacks, sleep problems, avoidance of situations that are reminders, classic signs of PTSD, is what Lauren (Ricci) is going through during the course of the film. You’re not really sure what has happened to her, but you definitely know something terrible has gone on. You see this at the beginning, opening up the plot.
Feeling unsafe in her husband and her home in the city, they begin looking for a new place to call home and stumble across The Pinnacle, a state of the art “smart” apartment complex that can handle all of your needs. With the added security features of being able to see all public areas at all times, gives Lauren (Ricci) the peace of mind that she’s looking for. Upon moving in, Lauren feels like there’s something not right. She’s hearing strange humming sounds, seeing words flash across the television screen, people seem to be acting strangely, among other things. She begins to feel as though someone may be trying to use subliminal messages on her. Unable to convince her husband of her suspicions, she seeks out the help of mysterious reporter (Cusack). Together they try to figure out whether this is all in Lauren’s head or if there’s some brainwashing scheme going on.

This movie kept my interest throughout the entire two hours. Though it seems predictable, it’s not. You find yourself getting completely immersed into this intense plot.  It keeps you thinking and guessing, trying to figure out what the hell is real and what isn’t. Nothing is what it seems. This flick is something that will keep you very entertained from start to finish.

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