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Tomorrow wasn’t another day for No Tomorrow, the romantic drama comedy series that aired on The CW from October 4, 2016 to January 17,2017.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen No Tomorrow (currently available on Netflix), please do not continue reading.

No Tomorrow starred Tori Anderson as Evie Covington, an overachieving planner who meets Xavier Holliday (Galvant’s Joshua Sasse), a scientific genius who due to mathematical calculations, comes up with a theory that an asteroid will hit Earth in eight months and twelve days so he’s made a list of things he wants to do before the world ends and human kind is wiped out. He dubs this his apocalyst. Xavier’s motto is to live life like there’s no tomorrow (hence the title) and encourages Evie to “seize the day” inspiring her to form her own apocalyst. Evie and Xavier become romantically involved and get to know each other by crossing things off their respective lists together.

Rounding out the cast was Jonathan Langdon as Hank, Saraya Blue as Kareema, Jesse Rath as Timothy and Amy Pietz as Deirdre. Each of these characters were a significant thread to the tapestry of Evie’s life. And the actors brought a spark to their roles. Langdon’s Hank was fun loving and the kind of work friend people want. He told it like was and had your back. When their boss Deirdre received a nasty resignation email from Evie and ordered assistant Hank to clear out his friend’s desk, he immediately alerted Ms. Covington. Evie hadn’t sent the email…Xavier did. Remember he wanted Evie to seize the day and live life to the fullest and reasoned working as Quality Control Manager at Cybermart wasn’t how she should be spending her last days on Earth. In a humorous twist, Deidre became enamored with Hank and asked Evie to help her get Hank’s attention. Hank does notice Deidre as more than his boss and they fall in love.  Hiding their romance in order not to violate HR guidelines gave us some great Hank and Deidre material. I especially loved how the truth that Hank and Deidre were a couple came out to the corporate Cybermart heads: Deidre was accused of being insensitive to the black workers at Cybermart and was “encouraged” to look at Hank as a valued member of the Cybermart family. She looked at him alright…their lips make a connection right in front of the head of HR! The first time I saw Amy Pietz (Deidre) was when she starred in Caroline in the City and her talents have gotten better with age.

Sarayu Blue’s Kareema was the best. Although she worked in customer service, she wanted the least bother from customers. I got the impression that people in general annoyed her (except of course Evie and Hank). In an interesting storyline, Kareema falls in love with Sofia (Marta Milans), the woman her brother Rohan’s (Vinny Chhibber) was engaged to. Rohan had agreed to marry Sofia to help her get a green card. But he’d fallen in love with her. Poor Kareema…she loved Sofia too and didn’t want to hurt her brother. Sofia and Kareema ended up exchanging vows in a makeshift (but romantic) wedding ceremony in the Cybermart warehouse.

Timothy Finger…a great name and great character. Jesse Rath’s Timothy could have been classified as just a geek but Rath gave Finger a personality that was easy to see why Evie was torn between ex-Finger and current bae Xavier.

And speaking of Xavier. He was awesome. The accent aside (which was dreamy), if the world was ending I’d want to spend my last days with Xavier Holliday. Joshua Sasse played the title character in the musical dramaedy Galavant (which I don’t forgive ABC for cancelling). Sasse is charming, handsome and was the perfect person to play Xavier. He was believable as a man living life for the moment.

The supporting cast included George Basil (Jesse, Xavier’s cousin), Ted McGinley (Happy Days and original Dynasty alum), Gigi Rice (Gloria, Evie’s mom) and Kelly Stables as Evie’s older sister Mary Anne.

When No Tomorrow originally aired in 2016, I was going through a life change. I’d recently moved cross country for work and didn’t have the time to invest in picking up a new series. I’d seen the promos and promised myself I would give it a try during the summer to be ready for the season two premiere. Sadly, time ran out for No Tomorrow.  Xavier’s asteroid was given a longer life span than No Tomorrow’s three months. I moved back home this summer and sought to catch up on all the shows I’ve missed. First on my list was No Tomorrow. I’m glad I watched it. However, it made me regret not viewing it when it was on television. I wish more people had tuned in. No Tomorrow had the makings of a hit series and deserved more than one season.

Photos Courtesy of The CW

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