Good Girls Is Back Gracing Our Screens Again via @erinwise82 (@NBCGoodGirls)

If you haven’t seen Season One of this most epic show, please log into your Netflix account and catch up, you’re truly missing out on some major magic on screen.

I cannot stress enough that my articles contain spoilers.

I’ve warned you.
You think things hit the fan last season? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Only two episodes in and my mind is already blown. Hats off to this incredible cast that has me so invested I wish for a new episode daily instead of weekly.

Let’s quickly recap the first season: Three housewives find themselves in desperate circumstances and take it upon themselves to get themselves out of financial trouble. Beth, a mother of four children, finds her car salesman husband is not only cheating on her, but has their family drowning in debt about to lose everything. Annie, Beth’s sister, is fighting for custody of her daughter against her ex Greg, who is loaded (financially). Ruby’s situation is beyond terrible, her little girl needs a new kidney, and while she’s waiting, she needs extremely expensive medication to keep her alive. These three ladies hatch a plan to rob the grocery store Annie works at. All goes well….except for Annie’s boss noticing her tattoo. They ladies walk away with a lot more money than any grocery store should have. Turns out the store is a front for a gang and the leader wants his money back. After spending some of the money on “important’ things, they end up working for Rio, the gang leader, to pay him back. Meanwhile, Annie’s boss tries to blackmail among other hideous things Annie, but the girls turn the tables on him, or so they think. While trying to get Rio off their backs, the FBI gets involved, and Beth’s husband is shot. Whew, that’s a lot to recap, I’m telling you this is a fantastic show, keeping your thoroughly entertained. Now I know the timeline above isn’t exact and details are missing, but really it’s just a “here’s the major points” recap. OOOOOOh I can NOT forget, Ruby’s husband became a cop during the season….and he knows what the girls have done.

Season 2 started pretty damn good, if I do say so. Over the last two episodes, Beth’s husband survived getting shot, the bullet barely missing his heart. After refusing to turn herself and her friends in at the request of her husband, she finally puts her foot down and refuses to let him make her feel bad about doing whatever it took to save their daughter’s life. Annie no longer has to worry about custody because last season her and her ex started sleeping together again…did I mention he’s married…and they just found out his wife is pregnant. His wife tries to befriend Annie, confiding that her Greg admitted he was cheating. Things got awkward when Greg showed up in the middle of that conversation. Beth couldn’t fulfill Rio’s request of getting rid of Annie’s boss. Falling on exhaustion of all the lies, she just gave up to him. Instead of ending his “partnership” with Beth, he’s gonna teach her.

Things are heating up like crazy and I can’t wait for the rest of this season. I am desperately wanting Beth and Rio to get together, they have an intense chemistry that sizzles right off the screen. Ruby’s husband finally getting where she was coming from has me breathing a little easier. I’m not saying she’s right, but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t do it if my son’s life depended on it either. Annie’s mess I’m not even looking forward to. A marriage and children are involved and that’s just a drama I’d rather see play out than talk about haha.

Catch Good Girls on NBC Sundays @ 10/9c. You can follow them on Twitter @NBCGoodGirls

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