The Good Girls Had A Bump In The Road via @erinwise82 (@NBCGoodGirls)

Things got really real in this last episode of Good Girls.

Contains SPOILERS!

You’ve been warned.With Boomer still a threat, the ladies have no choice, but to deal with him. First they have to find him. Which leads them to Mary Pat, who finds out exactly where he’s at.

In true Good Girls fashion, things don’t go as planned. While the girls wait for Boomer at his cheap hotel room, he shows up at Mary Pat’s house. The hell that garbage put Mary Pat through, seeing her on the floor, and putting on an “everything’s ok” mommy face when her son walked in, it was difficult to watch. My heart stopped as she buckled the children ever so quietly in the van and ran around to find him standing right there, feet away from her. As she made it into the van and locked the door, I breathed a sigh of relief. After all this time, I’m invested in these characters, and in my mind I’m urging Mary Pat to put that car in gear and get out of there.

And that’s ALMOST what happened.

Boomer began beating on the windows, screaming and shouting, I thought for sure that window was going to give, but Mary Pat popped that baby into gear. Boomer ran around to the back of the van, Mary Pat hit the gas, the van bounced over Boomer’s body, killing him. As she recounted the story to Beth, Ruby, and Annie, they thought they finally had a legit way out, but Mary Pat moved the body and the ladies have to take care of the disposal. That ride to get rid of his body was the most disgusting sounding, funniest stuff I’ve seen in a good minute. As they dumped the body, Boomer’s phone rings and they grab it. Annie plays the voicemails from Marion, Boomer’s nana, before Beth takes the phone and tosses it into a lake. I totally don’t feel for Boomer, that dude was a douche and deserved what he got, but it’s really heartbreaking from Marion’s point of view.

But that’s not all folks:

Ruby feels guilty and just when it seems like she’s going to tell Stan what they did, she admits to forging his check instead. I guess admitting one crime will ease the guilt…for now. Annie goes through a guilty phase too, making Sadie promise to never do anything worse than cheat on a test. Mary Pat pays Agent Turner a visit inquiring about Boomer’s whereabouts, claiming she hasn’t heard from him in a while. This sets a plan into motion, plan to be seen. Beth’s son gets in trouble at school, with everything going on, is it really any surprise? As much as you try to keep things from kids, all parents know, kids see and hear more than we intend them to.

And finally…

Rio plays tennis with a beautiful woman he refers to as counselor…

And Beth opens up a storage container leaving us all asking “what’s in the box!?!?!?”

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