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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ends its run on The CW after four seasons on Friday, April 5, 2019.


It’s been a fun ride. It’s hard saying goodbye so I thought I’d write a letter:

Dear Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,

You entered my life on October 12, 2015. At the time, I’d never heard of West Covina…but now I’ll never forget it. Plus you made me love soft pretzels again. But I digress. Anyway on that night long, long ago (four years), I met Rebecca Nora Bunch, a quirky but confused young woman. You see Rebecca was rich and smart with a successful career as a New York attorney. A chance encounter with her summer camp crush Josh Chan has our Ms. Bunch pulling up stakes and leaving her cushy life behind to travel across country to (stalk) be with her one true love. And that’s when the fun began. Thanks to Rebecca’s obsession with Josh, we were introduced to a great bunch (yes, I went there) of people: Paula, Valencia, Heather, Darryl, Greg, Nathaniel, Hector, Maya, White Josh, Father Bray, Tim, George, Mrs. Hernandez. And the rest at Whitefeather/Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton.

Rebecca’s life was weird but there was never a dull moment because her story was told in song and dance. And what amazing routines they were. No subject was sacred: periods, breast size and even poop…why tell jokes about it when you could sing (or even send your ex a care package…eew) about it? Rebecca’s mind was a scary place but her journey helped her (and viewers) confront who they were and how to love themselves for who they are.

I’ll miss everything about this show. The cast, writers and crew should be commended for putting together something special and unforgettable. I thank each and every one of you.

I got to speak with Paula, Valencia, Darryl, Audra or rather their counterparts Donna Lynn Champlin, Gabrielle Ruiz, Pete Gardner and Rachel Grate in four awesome interviews. They were as great as the parts they played.

Thanks for giving us some great memories.

Till we meet again (a.k.a re-watching online).

All the Best,




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