#Stumptown Dex, Drugs and Rock & Roll S1Ep6 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @StumptownABC @CobieSmulders

Stumptown premieres Wednesday, September 25, 2019 on ABC.

Season 1 Episode 6 is titled “Dex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” Here is the synopsis from TV Guide: “When Dex’s ex Fiona, a famous musician, comes into town for a performance, Dex must protect her from a stalker. Meanwhile, Grey continues to receive the cold shoulder from Dex, and Tookie and Lieutenant Cosgrove develop a new friendship.”

Photos Courtesy of Disney ABC Press

Video Courtesy of Stumptown Official Twitter

Don’t miss StumptownDex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” airing Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 10/9c on ABC.

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11 thoughts on “#Stumptown Dex, Drugs and Rock & Roll S1Ep6 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @StumptownABC @CobieSmulders

  1. Hi my name is Lisa!
    I’d like to start of by saying that your show, Stumptown, came out with a bang. It was funnnnny, smart, slightly off in a zesty original way. 1-3 I liked. Then, I don’t know What happened! It seems as though you have fallen into the boring cop show with the same ole’flava. Borrrring!
    Ok, so she’s Bi and they kissed, bfd.
    Why in the fk would you put her in with a female, I guess, that looks like carnival side show? Oooooo how interesting! I can guarantee ya, you lost viewers on that one. I’m a gay woman and had no idea about this episode, but it didn’t matter one way or another to me. Also, you have this Amazing veteran actress, Tantoo Cardinal, who is scarcely seen. Why?
    Why on earth would you Waste this talent? Tantoo will turn this series into the something unique and blended, yet You choose the same old route as the other Crap on tv. Again, why?
    Smolders is great, Manheim is a shoe-in, Cardinal is off the charts with so much depth, but you Are wasting her. Yes, for some the lesbo scene was crazy good, but for me, just plane uninteresting.
    Please, don’t let this one slide in with the mix as the same old Shit nobody wants to see…
    Love ya all, Lisa Brooke Johnson
    San Francisco…


    1. Thanks for reading our preview and your comment on “Stumptown.” We are an entertainment site that covers the show and aren’t responsible for any on the on air content. The producers, writers etc. handle that. We are viewers just like you and can’t make any changes to the show you watch on television.


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