Coroner The Suburbs S1Ep7 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @SerindaSwan #CoronerCW

Coroner premieres August 5, 2020 on The CW.

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#DeadPixels Patricide S1Ep5 Preview via @stacyamiller85

Meg, Nicky and Usman are friends who share an obsession with a fantasy role-playing game game Kingdom Scrolls. “Dead Pixels” follows their lives and their friendship both in the real world and online. Jase, the newest recruit at Meg’s office, is not only irritating but also very bad at the game, a big problem for Meg, who otherwise might have a crush on him. Together the group defends their castle and crush orc invasions, but over time find themselves forced to engage more and more with the real world through new gamer Russell (Wikipedia).

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#FridgeWars Shane Chartrand vs. Joshna Maharaj S1Ep6 Season Finale Preview via @stacyamiller85 @fridgewars

Two top chefs are pitted against one another with a challenge to create extraordinary meals using only the ingredients taken from the fridges of ordinary families. Host Emma Hunter visits a family’s home and conducts a surprise fridge raid. Then everything is taken back to the studio where the family’s fridge is re-created for both chefs. Once the clock starts, the chefs have 45 minutes to get dinner on the table — cooking with ingredients they’ve never seen for people they’ve never met. When the time’s up, the family members take their place at the dining room table and taste each meal, scoring them on look, taste and originality — without knowing who cooked what. Those results are put aside and the same process is done for another family, but with an added challenge that forces both chefs to adapt to a totally unique culinary crisis. With both families’ scores tabulated, the final scene reveals the winner of the “Fridge Wars” battle (Wikipedia).

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