Interview With Author and Screenwriter @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917 #Blink #Writers

Fate is a concept that causes fear  for many people. I suppose in the back of our minds this fear is born from a feeling of helplessness over the path where our lives will take us.

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Book Preview: Seed of the Sunflower by @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917

I recently discovered that in numerology, there is significance to the number 11:11. I can’t say that I follow numerology as carefully as others, but I can admit to my fascination with the number 11:11.

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Why You Should Read Books By @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917

Remember the carefree splendor and innocence of childhood? Your life was unencumbered, fed by an imagination that offered an endless meal of possibilities. Like a butterfly, you were free to soar.

You were free to dream.

Then, you were initiated into the world of adulthood with responsibility and doubt. Fate seemed to possess a wicked sense of humor presenting obstacles on the road towards your bliss.

You are chasing butterflies. Yet, butterflies always leave you behind for their own bliss in the sky.

Somewhere along the way, you learned a lesson: You can’t fight fate.

But why does Fate have to be an adversary for you to fight? Why can’t you appreciate the moments of each day but still pick up the pieces of the puzzle that Fate places before you to learn about yourself and life’s journey?

Last year, Fate smiled upon me. I discovered the beautifully inspiring writing of author Lisa N. Edwards. Her books Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies fed my imagination, fueled my optimism yet spoke to my insecurities and doubts about my own life journey. They helped me recognize the pieces of my unique life puzzle. Yes, I will stumble. Yes, I will fall. But the most important discovery of all: I won’t be afraid to get back up.

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