Happy Birthday @imcorinnemec via @erinwise82


On this day, November 5th, we celebrate the birthday of a man who has graced our television screens for many, many years. His talent knows no bounds, as he has shown us through his shows, movies, and art. Continue reading “Happy Birthday @imcorinnemec via @erinwise82”

Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec @TonyTodd54

When you interview someone and they happen to mention a movie they starred in, it kind of gets stuck in your head. This being one of those movies mentioned, I felt the urge to watch it. Films like this, show you just how talented an actor really is. Continue reading “Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec @TonyTodd54”

Interview: Talking With Corin Nemec via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec #SPN #Stargate #ParkerLewis

Once upon a time ago, I watched a show and came across a very talented young man. After many years, that show and that man have stuck with me. You know you’ve created something special, when something like a show and character, can stick with a person for so long. Continue reading “Interview: Talking With Corin Nemec via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec #SPN #Stargate #ParkerLewis”

Blast From The Past: Parker Lewis Can’t Lose via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec @AbrahamBenrubi #ParkerLewis

There’s nothing like remembering the shows from our pasts. The sweet memories of running home after school to catch the lastest episode of your favorite shows. The good old days when kids and teens actually had awesome shows to watch.

Not to say there isn’t good programming for our kids to watch now, but let’s be real, they don’t make shows like they use to.

Let’s take a trip back in time, to a show that has a future Supernatural guest star, future televisions stars, future movies stars….. Continue reading “Blast From The Past: Parker Lewis Can’t Lose via @erinwise82 @imcorinnemec @AbrahamBenrubi #ParkerLewis”