Happy Birthday @imcorinnemec via @erinwise82


On this day, November 5th, we celebrate the birthday of a man who has graced our television screens for many, many years. His talent knows no bounds, as he has shown us through his shows, movies, and art.

I first saw Corin Nemec on a show called Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and I was instantly a fan. His charming portrayal of the “no worries” Parker, made this Nerdy Girl crush hardcore. From there, I’ve followed him along his career. A long career where his characters have made us laugh, his characters have made us cry. Some of his characters have even made us shudder. We’ve cheered him on, we’ve hoped for his demise (character!). We have watched him transform himself into many different characters that totally make you forget you’re watching Corin on-screen. He makes you feel, he makes you think, he makes you forget the world around you with his work.

On top of his superb acting & writing skills, the man has magic hands as well……If you’ve ever taken a look at his Twitter page, you’ve had a glimpse of his graffiti art. Corin takes his time and his money to create these images for others to enjoy. Never knowing whether his work will be there for long or not. The large-scale artwork pops off the screen with such intensity. I can’t even imagine the true beauty of his work in person, but I do hope to see it (face to….art) one day 😉

I had the pleasure of interviewing Corin not long ago and he is genuinely one of those people you want to get to know. Not because he is an actor, a damn good one, but he’s so very interesting. Listening to him talk about his roles and his art, was a highlight of my year. His enjoyment of bringing fans enjoyment makes him that much better. I love how he engages with all of his fans, how he talks with everyone, how he tries to get to everyone who tweets him or what have you. As a fan, it means so much to know how much we mean to the person we care about. We appreciate his work and he appreciates that, ya know, and it shows big time.

On this day, I would like to wish Corin a very happy birthday, a lifetime of happiness, and a continued long successful career.

I truly hope your day is as wonderful as you have been. You deserve it!
Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @imcorinnemec and join me in wishing him a wonderful birthday!

Drop comments below or find me on Twitter @erinwise82 or @thenerdygirlexp

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