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I really don’t think I could say a bad thing about this film. I truly enjoy it. I’m surprised it didn’t do better than it did, the plot was well done, the acting was great, the cast was fabulous. This is definitely my type of movie. Sure, you could say the writer may have taken every Greaser cliche and dropped it in…buuuut… made for one hell of a great movie, despite the very minor flaws. Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: Deuces Wild via @erinwise82 #Deuces #Vipers @wwwbigbaldhead @JamesFrancoTV @frankiemuniz @BaltGetty @fairuza @dreadematteo, @realjknoxville”

@112263OnHulu had It’s Final Show And It Was Perfect. Bravo! via @erinwise82

I had never thought to get Hulu before hearing about 11.22.63. That’s the honest truth. Whenever you hear the names Stephen King or JJ Abrams, you know something awesome is coming. When you hear those two names together along side James Franco, you know you’re about to see brilliance on your screen. When I heard this project premiered, I was on Hulu ordering my subscription within minutes. For me it was a great decision, I love the service on top of this wonderful mini series.  ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS!! Continue reading “@112263OnHulu had It’s Final Show And It Was Perfect. Bravo! via @erinwise82”