Never Mace A Zombie

Last week’s Frat Girl Liv was hilarious and the writers kept up the fun this week too. I have to say last night’s iZombie had a smashing intro. Serves the dude right to fall down the cliff with his victim! Shouldn’t be a hit man!! Karma baby!

Let’s find out who hired the hit man:

While talking over the corpse at the morgue, Ravi fondled a silicone boob….yea so funny. Liv asked him and Clive out as friends and both blew her off. Poor Liv, it seems the more she tries to help the more she alienates herself. Clive never gets personal (hi writers, will he ever get personal?), Ravi has this thing for someone who is not Peyton, speaking of Peyton, Liv has no idea where she even is, and Major won’t return her phone calls.


Who wants a little tuna with her brains??? I actually thought her fancy meal for her fancy brain was tasty looking. Way to make a girl hungry. And here she is, The Real Dead Housewife of Seattle. Her prissy whiny self had my cracking up most of the episode. The older trophy wife victim is the spouse of a board member to dun dun dun wait for it…..Max Rager. So of course that’s where they go. Vaughn Du Clark, CEO of Max Rager, just happens to be the most eligible bachelor. While Liv and Clive question him, she has a disturbing vision of the victim and the CEO in a very intimate situation. I totally felt Liv, I wanted to burn my eyes out too!! She calls him out on being the victim’s lover and that of course doesn’t sit well with him. Her drama queen attitude during their conversation with just perfectly hilarious. As Liv and Clive are leaving, who happens to be standing there, none other than the man who’s been ignoring her calls….Major Lilywhite. Liv pulls him aside, blasting him on how he could be working for the monster zombie makers/killers. Their conversation gets heated then she does what I’d like to call “The Slap Heard Around The World”!!!  Little does Liv know, he really really deserved that slap, shoot, he deserves many more slaps!! She apologizes telling him it’s the brain not her. Liv didn’t noticed her new roommate Gilda,hiding behind the wall. The victim’s hubby goes to Vaughn and lets him know that the board members are gonna come him out. Gilda comes in after and has words with Vaughn about sleeping with the housewife, and big reveal, she’s Vaughn’ s daughter. Well, of course she is, it all makes sense now. Back at the morgue, she asks Ravi if he knew where Major worked. After confirming he didn’t, she makes sure to let him know all about it. While talking to him about this and whining, Peyton appears on TV, she’s back and she’s on a mission to get utopium off the streets. Watch your ass Major, Peyton’ s gonna get you!


Moving on because we have a murderer to find, well the person who hired a hit man because they couldn’t do it themselves. Let the interviews begin. Ok, so of course first things first, is it the husband??? Liv did have a vision of him knowing she as cheating and him being really angry…Well, that would be a little too obvious, now wouldn’t it.  Let’s talk to her friends. Their just a bunch of gossiping catty rich ladies, could any of them be the one who hired the hit man?? Time to talk to her personal stylist. Was anyone else happy that Liv was making a new friend?? Ok, moving on they still don’t know who it is yet.

Hot new stylish Liv meets back up with Clive at the station and he shows her a binder full of woman the victim’s hubby was talking to online, which Liv epically refers to as “the catalog of skanks”, Clive knows one of these skanks is the person they are looking for. Blowing Clive off, she takes a “me day”. Liv and the stylist Bethany, get together to shop and we find out it’s Liv’ s birthday and that makes you even sadder that Clive and Ravi turned her down at the beginning of the episode. Back at Liv’s place, Bethany finds a dress that happens to be Peyton’ s and we see just how bad her absence has affected Liv. Meanwhile, Clive goes and talks to someone who might can help this case move along. Showing  the manager a few pictures, he says no to all and says the woman was more of a skank. Clive is like, hold on I have a catalog of skanks in my car. The man picks one out and Clive calls Liv. She answers on speakerphone but soon takes him off as he is talking about Bethany. The hubby had hired Bethany as his wife’s stylist to hide all the money he was spending on her. Yep, she’s the skank. Liv reveals that she is with Bethany out shopping. Clive tells her to keep her there he’s on his way. Bethany tries to run but our zombie hero catches her with a tackle. Bethany pulls out mace and sprays Liv in the face which makes Liv go full on zombie mode and gets Bethany bitch slapped several times.

Back at the station it is discovered that  Ms. Bethany is wanted in 3 others states for scamming other rich people. They got their man…woman. Ravi goes home, hears a dog, calls for Major. As he starts to ask Major about the dog, Peyton steps into the room. I don’t know about you guys but the shock on his face shook me to the core. You could tell her leaving hurt he tremendously. She told him why she left and he tells her he knows about Liv and so does Major. They parted with an awkward hug, or so it seemed to me. Ravi looked like he was still trying to get his head around Peyton standing in his apartment.

Liv hits the liquor store, buys herself a bottle, and lies to the clerk about friends celebrating with her. She goes home to drown her sorrows and finds a birthday cake in her fridge. Her evil new roommate walked up saying she didn’t know it was her birthday. She describes to Liv the chick that dropped the cake off, she had a beauty mark by her lip. Peyton!!! As that smile.creeper across Liv’s face, I got a tear in my eye. Liv has her bestie back, not back back yet, but she will. I hope they get together and get rid of Gilda.

I know I know all of this isn’t in order, but when I get going I get going lol. Yes, I totally didn’t say anything about the Major weight room thing. We’re watching Major fall completely apart and it’s so sad. So, he was weightlifting, did the utopium,  in walks Gilda and he kisses her then bangs the enemy. Seriously Major come on man. This season is going to be really upsetting watching Major screw up. I don’t know how well we’re all gonna handle his spiral downward.

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