Slaughter at a Sorority Sleepover

It’s time for another Scream Queens Halloween episode recap. Tuesday’s episode Seven Minutes in Hell started right where last week’s ended. We are dropped back into the election with the Kappas voting with a pebble system. The election ends not with a bang, but a bit of a whimper, with Zayday and Chanel tying. According to Three this means that the two must run the sorority together as co-presidents. It turns out that Chanel threw a fit about losing to disguise the fact that she instead rigged the election to ensure that she wouldn’t have a target placed on her back, she pretty much calls herself a mob boss. Her entire plan is called “The Chanel Dies Last Plan,” which is a pretty easy plan to remember. Chanel gives Zayday a storage room key and pretty much hands over the reigns of Kappa leadership to her, making sure she doesn’t look like she’s running Kappa House at all.

Grace and Zayday are back on the investigating horse and Zayday says that the best way to get info will be a slumber party, which apparently is where girls reveal all their secrets and someone will experiment with lesbianism. Yep, that’s the plan, Three also really wants to play spin the bottle so that’s happening. We then jump to the frat bros having some kind of disgusting food sucking game with the newly armless bro. Chad is confronted by Earl for sleeping with so many people and he insists that he’s going to concentrate on sleeping with Chanel. In true frat bro fashion they decide to panty raid the Kappas. Three totally gets to kiss the girl she wants and we learn a lot about her and her earmuffs. I’m also totally never eating with the Kappas, I may not like s’mores, but I totally wouldn’t suggest adding packing peanuts to them. Suddenly the sorority house goes into lock down and the power goes out, because what else would happen during a slumber party with a killer on the loose.

Chanel has a magic rich people phone and manages to call Chad, hoping he and the bros will save them. Chad busts into the house with a ladder and a baseball bat, for a house being attacked by a masked killer the windows are super easy to break. The Red Devil shows up, because of course he does, and he kills the armless frat bro. Grace wants to cut and run, but Zayday thinks that they can get the right information now that the bros have arrived so it’s time for a rousing game of Truth or Dare. Chad gets dang literal and then argues that no one will lie during truth or dare because it isn’t truth, dare, or lie. He also tells Three that if she isn’t the killer she should totally try it. Sam and Three get into a random fight and Sam gets sent down to sleep in the tub in the basement. She then gets to see who the Red Devil is, but only because it’s curtains for her.

Chad and Hester are back to flirting with each other, but Chad is pretty much anti-relationship right now and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Even though he compares her muffin to Space Mountain, and no he wasn’t talking about baked goods. Chanel decides to change the game to Seven Minutes in Heaven, and she winds up convincing Chad to go to the next level in their relationship, which is probably a terrible idea. Hester finds Sam dead in the tub and Chanel accuses her of the murder. Definitely too easy, Chanel. The Red Devil nails Five’s Seven Minutes in Heaven partner, no literally he has a nail gun. Roger, the newly dead frat bro, totally looks like Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise afterward.

Chanel and Zayday go off into some secret tunnels under the Kappa house in the hopes that they can find the killer. The tunnels are super fancy and involve a Kappa presidents history lesson. The Red Devil appears again and tries to take out Zayday with not one, but two axes, but with some epic dodging skills and a little help from Chanel both girls escape the tunnels alive. The Kappas get more security and the Dean celebrates the fact that every student is safe, as long as they aren’t connected in any way to the Kappas.

Wes tries to get Grace to leave, but she’s not going anywhere. She is one of the main protagonists so if she left the series would get a little weird. Three and Five reminisce about what they’ve learned from the deaths of their sort of lovers and they decide to make a pact to outlive Chanel no matter what it takes. Chanel takes all the credit for keeping people from dying and she gives all the Kappas pink nun-chucks, though maybe something a bit pointier would have been nice. And everything ends with a random dance party.

Scream Queens won’t be back until after The World Series so we’ve got a bit of a break from recaps. Maybe by next time I’ll find a way to make them shorter. So much random stuff happens in every episode that I’m not sure what to cut when I recap.

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