They’re Baaack: Scream Queen Tuesdays Are Back

After the sports hiatus, Scream Queens is back with “Beware of Young Girls.” After the Halloween arc I was looking forward to new episodes and I was not disappointed. In this recap you’ll get to see what happened and what I enjoyed most.

It opens with Chanel #2’s funeral, I wonder if Ariana was napping in that casket, I would have. It looked very plush. Chanel gives an angry eulogy and the Chanels have a Ouija board, that definitely looks like it was delivered to them directly from the bowels of Hell. The board reveals that Chad is cheating on Chanel, which I’m pretty sure all the other Chanels knew. Gigi is angrily chopping things and yelling at the Red Devil team over the phone. She is an angry, angry woman when she isn’t pretending to be a 90’s obsessed whackadoodle.

Grace and Gigi are bonding with some clothes shopping and chatting about her dad because Grace and her dad are verging on Norman and Norma levels of attachment. Gigi reveals information about a girl named Feather who insists that the Dean is involved in this somehow. Feather did have an affair with the Dean’s Beatles singing husband, so I’m guessing the Dean doesn’t like her at all. Turns out he had to move into Kappa House and the Dean started Single White Femaling her, until she got her kicked out. Feather says that a transistor radio was pushed into her bath after the Dean’s divorce went through and Pete mentions that was exactly how the old Dean died. After promising to be a source for Grace and Pete, Feather comes home to find a trail of blood and body parts, made out of the Dean’s ex-husband.

Chanel confronts Chad about the info from the Ouija board and finds him in bed with a goat, yep a goat. The Dean is in her office insisting she hurt her leg after drunkenly falling down the stairs in her stairless apartment. I love Jamie Lee in this show. She gets arrested, but straight jacket arrested instead of just handcuffed like Chanel was. Grace and Pete think they are safe, which means they totally aren’t. Somehow Pete frequently sounds like Matthew McConaughey to me, is it on purpose?  I know he did it once, but it happens a lot.

The Dean is in a psych ward and has invited Pete and Grace to visit her. She’s apparently enjoying herself and wants the two of them to investigate because she thinks Feather killed her ex. They also get to meet a creepy woman who paints everyone who comes to the psych ward. Pete and Grace get all the information from the police and come up with bologna, which is actually a clue. There’s another Ouija moment, where Chanel gets accused by dead Number Two of being the murderer. The Chanels discuss ways to kill Chanel, which involves some crazy ideas including sugar parties and poison bras. Maybe they should leave the murder plans to Chanel. Chanel #2 is back and talks about how awful Hell is and that she’s here to make amends with Chanel so that she can go to Heaven.

Pete and Grace super loudly break into now just Feather’s house and steal her toothbrush, which proves Feather ate the sandwich. Chanel confronts the other Chanels about their plans to kill her. There’s a Nancy Drew reference, who Emma Roberts totally played in a movie, and the Chanels are now going to be on the case. The Dean ends the episode dancing to the song Beware of Young Girls while internal monologueing that she actually killed her husband and framed Feather, but that she didn’t do the other killings. Feather is locked up like Hannibal and the Chanels are plotting to take down Zayday and Grace.

This episode felt like the plot moved forward a bit more than it had in the three episode Halloween arc. I missed Denise and Zayday interacting, but the Dean was fabulous. There are only five episodes left in this season and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. If you want to share your thoughts on the episode or Scream Queens, please comment below or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, or find me on YouTube , sometimes Periscope, or my blog,


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