Let’s Share a Ghost Story with the Girls of Kappa House

Last night’s episode of Scream Queens was titled Ghost Stories. It should come as no surprise that ghosts and scary stories were the focus of this episode. Maybe don’t read this if you want to use the bathroom without being freaked out ever again. Though, who doesn’t like being scared, go ahead, keep reading, but definitely keep the lights on for this recap.

The episode started with Nick Jonas’ Boone talking on the phone with the secret third Red Devil. He was pretending to be Joaquin Phoenix, but Chanel #3 sees him beardless and thinks he’s a ghost. Chanel insists that no one can mope around even though campus is closing. She then tells a really confusing and horribly historically inaccurate about Thanksgiving, or Lewis and Clark, or maybe Disney movies. She’s going to meet Chad’s family, who are obsessed with Thanksgiving because they have a cranberry farm. Apparently silver turkey wishbone necklaces mean you are getting engaged in the Radwell family. In the ghost story Chad tells he talks about Mountain Dew turning to blood, which is a mental image I do not need in my head. I’m going to have to drink my Diet Dew out of a cup for the rest of this week.

Zayday invites Grace to Thanksgiving when she refuses to go spend it with her dad. Denise informs the Chanels that they need to bubble wrap all of the clothing in the house. Chanel #3 then reveals that she’s being haunted by Boone. Denise then starts telling loads of ghost stories, mostly ones she insists are Japanese ghost stories. All of them take place in bathrooms so pretty sure no one is peeing any time soon. Boone shows up in Chad’s room and insists he’s a ghost and that only ghosts know who other ghosts are. Also totally raided his fridge for Red Bull. He wants Chad’s date shirt for a special time with Zayday, so now we know which Red Devil set up that fancy dinner at the Silence of the Lambs hole.

The Red Devil attacks Denise in the bathroom, which was prepped with red and blue toilet paper like from her cloak story. Denise insists on hearing another ghost story. Chanel #6 tells a story set in the 1950’s, which she stars in during the flashback. In the story a man with a hook is hiding in the backseat of a girl’s car. Though, it’s not really a ghost story, more of a tale of terror.

Earl Grey and Zayday are packing her things and he wants to show her a very special night, except Boone shows up in her room. He insists he’s ghost Boone. Except he gets knocked out a window by Zayday and Grace, but somehow magically disappears. He does pop up again as the Red Devil though. Poor Earl Gray! I was afraid he was going to die. Chanel #5 is in a situation exactly like the one in Chanel #6’s story, much like Denise was. Pretty sure a Red Devil is in her backseat, even if they were hiding from the trucker.

Chanel #6/Hester confronts Chad about not inviting her to Thanksgiving and he tells her all the reasons that he doesn’t want to be with her. Yeah, he’s a really nice guy. She got super murdery, Chanel might be in trouble from our neckbraced Kappa. Hester does reveal that she’s pregnant with Chad’s baby and that he’s going to be forced to take her to Thanksgiving now. Chanel confronts Chad and also threatens him, maybe he should stop screwing around with the Kappa girls because it looks like they might be the death of him.

Chanel asks the other Chanels to forgive her, though Chanel #5 does not want to at all. Chanel #3 insists that they forgive her and the three main Chanels begin plotting to kill Hester/Chanel #6. Chanel thinks this will fix everything. The police arrive at Kappa house and the lead detective has brought a paranormal investigator. He apparently always believed a ghost had done it. The Dean reveals there were two babies born in the bathtub and the boy did have the same smirk as Boone. Though with all that revealed Grace and Zayday still don’t know why Gigi took them or how they all ended up at the mental institution.

Gigi meets with Boone and a still masked Red Devil, that has to be uncomfortable, just hanging out on a couch in that thing. Boone gives his entire backstory and all the planning that went into faking his death. The Red Devil goes totally rogue and instead of killing Gigi stabs her own brother! Chanel invites Hester/Chanel #6 to her closet and start feeding her everything that pregnant women shouldn’t have, including sushi, unpasteurized cheese, and crazy alcoholic champagne. Chanel then insists she pee on pregnancy tests, but that leads Hester to reveal that she lied to Chad. After pretending to apologize, Chanel pushes Hester/Chanel #6 down the stairs and we hear her braced neck break. The episode ends with the Chanels planning to put Hester in the meat locker.

There are only three episodes left guys! Next week is Thanksgiving themed and we get to meet the Radwells, who from the promo look like a real treat. Who is the Red Devil? I want to know! Share your guesses in the comments or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, find me on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, and on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com.


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