Will you stand with The Mockingjay?


Will you stand with the Mockingjay? Will you stand against the Capitol for you rights, your freedoms, for others just like you?

Could you rise up against all odds after being completely broken, both mentally and physically?



Last Friday morning I had the opportunity to go and see Mockingjay Part 2. I’ve been following the series of movies since they began, after reading and falling in the with the books. The story, I guess, speaks to me on a different level, as I see our world in this story. Right or wrong, that is my opinion on it.

Here we have Katniss Everdeen, the girl who volunteered for the Hunger Games, to keep her very young sister out of them. She never set out to be a hero, she certainly ever set out to start a revolution. She kind of just fell into it. Her only intentions were to keep her family and friends safe. If you have read the books, you have seen as I have, the movies follow the books pretty well. To me, that was a little surprising, as most change things around quite a bit.

Mockingjay Part 2 picked up right where Part 1 left off, with Katniss being inspected after a high-jacked Peeta tried to murder her. Making it ever so clear that Peeta and the others were allowed to be rescued in a plot to end The Mockingjay. Now, I have heard a lot of people say they were disappointed in Part 1, due to the lack of action, but again I say this, the movies follow the book very well. Part 1 showed you a broken Katniss. A girl who was thrown into the Hunger Games, not once, but twice. She doesn’t know who she can trust, as countless people have tried to kill her. She’s been thrown into a position of the symbol of hope, a leader. After being nearly killed once again, she’s rescued just to find out that Peeta, whom she loves, has been captured. Her district, most people who lived there, were bombed and destroyed, and she believes every bit of it is her fault and she sees no hope. She is mentally broken, and at that time can’t be a very good mockingjay. Part 1 shows a broken girl who has to overcome that, to keep fighting. Once she starts getting better and coming to terms, she becomes someone else’s puppet, turns the table a bit, and the gets Peeta back……that is til he tried to kill her.


Now I’m hearing some great reviews of Part 2 as well as some not so great. I loved it,  was beautifully done and acted. It ended perfectly. The pages of the book came to life once again with this final chapter. As I said, I’ve read the books so I was anticipating a few moments. This is a war, although Katniss’ unit was not suppose to be on the frontline, so we do lose people, and they really stuck to the books on those. Some tears were shed from me. These actors are amazing. You feel the pain, the loss, the moments of happiness, the loyalty, the betrayal, the love, the friendship. You feel The Girl On Fire as she loses absolutely everything and makes damn sure the right people pay and this never happens again. You feel the shared knowledge of pure torture of the victors. You feel the bond that Katniss has for Peeta. You see the weak, the broken, the poor, the no bodies stand up and rise against every odd that could be thrown their way. I think this movie was well done and stayed true to the story.

This article is only my opinion and does not reflect anyone else’s views or takes.


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