Black Friday Gets Dark

Tuesday night we got to see the Chanels doorbusting deals during Black Friday in the episode of the same title. I’ve been shopping Black Friday for the past few years and getting to see the Chanels in their element at a night I know is crazy was something I’ve been looking forward to since last week’s preview.

Chanel starts the episode by telling us all about how she uses Black Friday to buy crappy gifts for people who have fought to be her friends. She also says it’s perfect for torturing normal people. The Dean tries to keep the Chanels home while also comforting Zayday after the reveal of Gigi’s head. Wes, Pete, and Grace go to the police and learn that nothing is being done in connection to the case. We get to see the Chanels shopping and after #3, #5, and #6 reveal that they bought Chanel the perfect gift she changes her mind and says she’s going to buy them all matching pink jeeps. Before they can leave the mall all the lights go out and we see the Red Devil waiting for them. Chanel lets the others escape and stands off with the Red Devil, who she really thinks is The Dean. She gets shot in the shoulder, but Denise appears, who is apparently the new Chief of Police, and saves her, though a cop does get arrowed in the head.

Chanel returns with a fabulously feathered sling and tells all the Kappas that she thinks it’s The Dean and that they need to kill her to stop all of these murders. Grace agrees with Chanel, while Zayday thinks this is all crazy. The Kappas start planning and Chanel and Grace immediately agree on poisoning. Chad calls The Dickie Dollar Scholars to order, but none have survived, except the newest honorary emergency member Pete. Chad begins reading Boone’s Will and Pete is the beneficiary of everything Pete owns. Chad accuses them of being lovers, but Pete reveals that Boone was his Greek Life source. Pete apparently had tried to become a DDS, but wasn’t allowed in. Chad invites Pete to join him now, but Pete refuses. This leads to a duel, apparently you have to duel if you refuse a membership offer. When he still refuses Chad says that this means Pete will die.

Grace and Chanel join The Dean for coffee and begin buttering her. They brought a mason jar of apple cider and some macaroons, they stalked her online to find a way to sneak her the poison. It’s full of puffer fish poison from Hester/Chanel #6. The poison though doesn’t affect her, which shouldn’t have happened. Pete tells Grace that maybe the failed poisoning is a blessing because she isn’t a killer. He tells her about Chad’s offer and begins arguing that Greek Life is terrible, primarily Fraternities, and then they start making out, though Grace shuts him down on the going all the way suggestion. Grace mentions killing The Dean again and Pete insists she needs to stop focusing on that because killing The Dean will make her just like the other Kappas.

Chanel asks for updates and #3 tells Chanel that the only person admitted to the hospital was Chad, who had a Lego stuck where the sun don’t shine. All the Chanels kick Grace out of Kappa House, but Zayday doesn’t leave with her. She has changed her mind and decided they should kill The Dean. Grace goes to see her dad and finds Pete there doing research with him. Wes reveals he actually knew nothing about Gigi. Pete reveals Gigi’s sister committed suicide after trying to raise the babies by herself and then Gigi took the children herself and raised them to exact her revenge. Wes misses her because she liked his playlists. Grace tells Wes that there are expectations for when a dad meets the boyfriend and he then says that he was irresponsible about sex at her age and that if she doesn’t feel ready that she shouldn’t do it. The Chanels and Zayday take The Dean to a Cryosauna, which is definitely a trap to kill her. The Dean is frozen, but very much alive.

Pete is packing to flee campus and tells whoever calls him that they should leave too because their point has been made. He then insists they never call him again. We then see a full Red Devil costume still in his closet. Chanel asks all the Kappas how The Dean survived and Hester/Chanel #6 says she might be like Rasputin and magically able to stay alive. Chanel gives all the Kappas new smart phones, which she is going to use to help them all drown The Dean. Chanels #3, #5, and Hester/#6 all go swimwear shopping for the big drowning and while arguing about size tags with the saleswoman they miss Chanel’s call.

Chanel is pacing by the pool when The Dean arrives. No one is there to help her and she tries to explain away her large bag of chains by saying she wants to talk about the rise of bondage in popular literature and that maybe they could go for a swim. The Dean leaves unscathed and Chanel storms out. She then writes a letter to the sisters to tell them how awful they are. Grace arrives at Pete’s dorm and asks why his room is all packed up. He tells her he was thinking of writing out in the woods with wifi. The two start making out again and she insists she wants to go all the way tonight because she thinks he’s a great, great, great guy. Pete tells her he can’t do it because he’s a murderer.

The finale next week is two hours and it looks like it’s going to be crazy! I’m excited to see just who was on the phone with Pete and who the other baby is. So many secrets and so little time!

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