Scream Queens Finale Recap

The finale of Scream Queens aired last night and was a two hour, double episode crazy fest full of reveals. Technically the finale was Dorkus and Final Girl(s), but because it aired in a two hour block the titles aren’t crucial. Let’s hop into the extra long recap of the extra long finale.

The episode starts right where last week’s ended with Grace reacting to Pete’s admission that he’s a killer. He said that the night the security guard died he learned that Boone was the killer, but instead of turning him in, Pete agreed with his mission to take down Greek Life on campus. Pete then goes on a crazy villainesque rant were he insists that not Boone, but all of the organizations are what’s really destroying students lives. He insists that Greek Life has killed more people on the campus than any of the Red Devil killers ever did. We then get to see that Pete was The Red Devil who used the secret tunnels under Kappa House and that he killed the twin Chanel #3 was making out with in the closet. Pete wants to stay a couple and insists that they should still love each other. The Red Devils it turns out were going to kill Pete and that in order to stay alive he swore to do whatever they wanted and they told him to kill the twin. He also says that Grace basically said that they should kill people ages ago.

Pete then says that he killed Boone, not the other bathtub baby. He also shot Chanel and the cop at the mall. Pete was a very busy Devil this season. He also says that Chanel led him on the year before and that she led him on. Wow, so there were a lot of reasons for him to want to kill the Kappas and the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Grace leaves, but Pete yells that if she does he can’t tell her who the other killer is. He then mutters it’s one of her sisters, which of course draws her back in. Pete had collected all the Kappas DNA and run a test to see who it could be. Then just as he goes to tell her the Red Devil bursts through the closet door and starts stabbing Pete, poor murderous Pete.

We then jump to Chanel being yelled at by random people as she walks through the campus and we hear her letter to the other Kappas being read aloud by all of them. She insults them for not following through with her plan to destroy The Dean. The letter is brutal and filled with threats. Chanel’s letter was leaked by the Red Devil to every person on the campus and then leaked to the press. It was tweaked to make her look like a super evil person. She insists that her only option is now to kill herself. Chanel is then shown lying on her bed next to a box and Zayday comes in and tells her not to kill herself. Also that she didn’t buy an asp off the internet, but instead bought a garter snake in a sweater that wouldn’t have been able to kill her anyway. Zayday says that the two of them must team up to find the Red Devil and rebuild Kappa house. Suddenly the Red Devil appears, but when the mask is ripped off it’s a random dude who insists someone made him put on the suit. He then yells he’s going to explode, he’s just a poor delivery guy wrapped in dynamite and stuck in the suit. If he didn’t kill all the girls then he would get blown up, which totally happens. That’s one dead delivery guy.

Chanel #5 is losing it, but Chanel insists that she has a plan to fix everything with an apology tour. She also says that she’s going to start by visiting Melanie Dorkus, who was the president of Kappa House before her who got her body super messed up with acid. Then we jump to Wes and Grace discussing the death of Pete and how they need to find out who the final killer is. Grace tells Wes that they need all the information that they can get and he goes to The Dean’s for a sort of creepy night of romance. I mean his daughter sent him there. Wes and The Dean start having a very interesting and just a bit awkward time together, with Grace and Zayday sneaking in.

The Chanels, minus Hester/#6, are at Melanie Dorkus’ house and Hester we see is sneaking through Chanel’s closet back at Kappa house. Grace and Zayday are looking up information all about the Kappas. The first girl they look at has all the makings of the Red Devil killer, they never say a name. Chanel #5 gets a right swipe on Tindr and immediately leaves to go see who it is. Wes and The Dean are done and are now just hanging out in her bedroom. He insists that he just had the best sex of his life with her. He then goes on to say he thinks that they are meant to be together, which The Dean says that can only happen if Grace goes away.

Melanie Dorkus is revealed and then Chanel and #3 begin comparing her to Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees. She was apparently living in Alaska and now lives in the home where three generations of her family went insane. Chanel then starts attacking Melanie because she thinks she’s the killer. Zayday and Grace stop Chanel and reveal that Hester is the Red Devil. They all return to Kappa house, though Chanel #5 still isn’t back, and as they prepare to wait for Hester they hear a scream. Suddenly #5 appears in the bathroom saying she heard a scream. Hester though has a stiletto heel through her eye, though she very very awkwardly isn’t dead. She then points to Chanel #5 and says Red Devil.

We then jump forward in time to January 2016 where Zayday is president of Kappa House and Grace is the vice president. An eye patched Hester is the treasurer. Then she internal monologues and reveals that she stabbed herself in the eye and her plan worked. They began making their plan for revenge, which included flashcards. Hester was apparently very good at learning how to kill people. She didn’t mind the asylum, but that she needed a persona. She always thought Boone was an idiot and thought of a terrible persona. She said that she was gorgeous and used the neck brace she stole from another patient to create a new identity. The Red Devil costume was stolen from a the school and was perfect for them. Hester says that she was always the brains and that she planned everything. She is the reason that Melanie was burned. The Dean let her in even though all of her records were made up because she would add diversity to the campus. Boone had gone undercover the year before without having to actually enroll. Grace and Zayday got to live because they were nice to her the first night she was at the school.

We jump back to the year before and see the planning that went into Hester stabbing herself. Chanel #5 is being blamed for everything by Hester and because of that the other Chanels and Kappas think she was involved. Denise appears and says that they found Boone’s body, which Grace says they knew already happened. Grace and Zayday then insist that it has to be Hester and that #5 couldn’t have done these things. Hester then has fake parents appear to make her story seem legitimate. Her cover story gets all sorts of crazy, and Zayday insists she has seen the stepdad in a prostate commercial. Chanel #5’s parents enter and say they aren’t her real parents and that Gigi gave her to them. Hester had two weeks previously convinced #5’s parents to say these things and they agreed because they hate her. Super harsh guys, super harsh.

Hester then also blames Chanel #3 and says that she killed Deaf Taylor Swift. She says that felt like she felt ridiculously sick at the bar the Chanels were at that night and did run back to Kappa house. We get to see that Hester actually slipped laxatives into her cocktail earlier in the night. Hester then says that she saw someone with earmuffs fleeing the a different murder scene. She then makes Chanel #3 read letters from Charles Manson, which say things about strapping bombs to pizza guys. Then Hester insists she has proof that #3 has a split personality, which a doctor says happened. Chanels #3 and #5 are both convinced into thinking they were involved in the murders.

Chanel is then also accused by Hester and it turns out that she disguised herself as Chanel and purchased a bunch of murder weapons. Zayday then mentions the maid’s face being burned off, which we learn was also Hester’s fault. Chanel then asks Hester what her game is because she does actually agree with the rest of the accusations. Hester says that this was the perfect way for Chanel to get the Kappa House that she wanted. The Chanels run away, but they are all caught by former strippers Denise deputized to become cops.

The Dean informs us that The Chanels all went to prison, Denise and Chad continued to date, but eventually broke up. It devastated Chad when she left to join the FBI. Then we get to see them aggressively make out in front of the frat house. Chad then announces that he has created a new charity, which will receive all the money from all Dickie Dollar Scholar events. He never actually picked a charity though. The Dean wrote a book called New New Feminism, which she didn’t actually write. The Dean enjoys the new environment on campus. There is a memorial to all those who died and The Dean and Hester discuss the tragedy. Suddenly The Dean reveals that she knew it was Hester all alone because she had the face of the baby girl from the bathtub burned into her brain. Hester says that if Wes had raised her maybe she would have been better, but she insists it wasn’t her fault. The Dean says that The Chanels will die and that this isn’t fair to them. She says she must bring Hester to justice. Hester though says that she’ll turn in The Dean for hiding the death of her mother and for killer her ex-husband. They agree to move on pretty quickly.

Grace has set up changes around the campus and Wes wants to reward her for them. He says that he is giving her his trust, though she really wanted a car. The Dean and Wes are going to Napa for a few weeks and he tells Grace that she deserves space. Then we see The Chanels in court where Chanel #3 is actually rocking Leia buns instead of earmuffs. I wondered when it would happen. The jury had actually not found them guilty, but Chanel then insulted all of them and the foreman changed their ruling. Chanel says she is just going to ignore the verdict, but apparently her parents have disowned her and are actually planning to sue her. They are sending The Chanels to an asylum instead of prison. Chanel then says maybe they were actually crazy and just never realized it because they made everyone around them crazy. They were doing fine at the asylum. #3 started dating a nurse, #5 became Chanel’s best friend once she was medicated, and they could actually eat food because there was no reason to stay skinny. Chanel even got voted house president, which wasn’t super official, but whatever.

The finale ends with the Red Devil standing over Chanel’s bed with a knife!

With that killer cliffhanger the finale ended and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next season. The Hester and Chanel #3 twist wasn’t something I was expecting. I really thought it was going to be Chanel #3 because Hester seemed too obvious, but the way Hester revealed it was her and then twisted it to fit Chanel #3 was a nice touch.

Let us know what you thought about the finale either in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, and find me on my blog,, or on my kleffnotes YouTube channel.


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