What Changes Will Viewers Find in Stars Hollow When Gilmore Girls Returns to Netflix?

images (5)Gilmore Girls is returning to Netflix as a limited run series and millions of fans couldn’t be happier.

The beloved series starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as mother and daughter Rory and Lorelai Gilmore first aired on the now defunct The WB in 2000 before moving to The CW in 2006.  Throughout its seven year run, viewers fell in love as they watched Lorelai raise her daughter while pursuing her own dreams of owning an inn.  As Lorelai had been a teenage mother, she shared an usually close bond with her daughter. They enjoyed movie night, junk food and an addiction to coffee.  Lorelai and Rory also discussed their romantic woes, for which there were many.

Even years later, fans still engage in heated debates on who was the best man for Rory between her three suitors, Dean, Jess and Logan.  Lorelai’s romantic entanglements were also discussed.  Although she married Rory’s father, Christopher, some fans wanted to see Lorelai and diner owner Luke Danes live happily-ever-after. Luke had been a supportive presence in Lorelai’s life since her arrival in Stars Hollow and was a surrogate father to Rory as she was growing up.  But misunderstandings kept Luke and Lorelai from making it to the altar.

There are rumors that when Gilmore Girls returns, a main character will find a new love interest.

The only change I am sadden by will be the absence of Richard Gilmore due to the passing of Edward Hermann.

I look forward to seeing the Gilmore Girls reboot. The residence as Stars Hollow were like family for so many years, I’m curious to see how life has treated them during their time away from viewers.  I hope we will get to see many of the characters return, though this depends of the availability of the actors.  Jared Padalecki has expressed an interest in reprising his role of Dean Forester, here’s hoping even with Supernatural, he’ll be able to do so.  Liza Weil currently has a starring role on How to Get Away With Murder.  It’d be a pity if Paris couldn’t pop in to give Rory grief!

And then there’s the supporting Gilmore Girls characters.  Jackson and Sookie and Lane and Zack are now parents of school aged children, with all the joys and headaches that entails.  Kirk was always enterprising and business savy, wouldn’t it be funny if he and Taylor were now on equal footing as town leader?  I imagine Mrs. Kim owning a chain of antique stores with her “Thank you for your business” while she tricks you into spending more money.

In addition to finding out what happens in Lorelai and Rory’s love life, I’m sure fans will be curious to see how they have fared in their respective careers.  In the series finale, Rory was off to work as a writing intern covering the 2008 Presidential Campaign.  Did she make her journalistic dreams a reality?  Lorelai was the owner of The Dragonfly Inn.  How successful has The Dragonfly become?

There are so many things to look forward to in the Gilmore Girls reboot. And I know I speak for millions of Gilmore Girls fans when I say, thank you Netflix for taking us back to Stars Hollow.

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