#Wentworth Prisoner Profile: Francesca (Franky) Doyle

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This article references events and characters from the series Wentworth. If you haven’t seen it, please do not continue reading.

As the new Governor of Wentworth Prison, I am tasked with making sure things run smoothly and that means keeping the prisoners in line.

There have been several Governors before I assumed the position, Meg Jackson, Erica Davidson and Joan Ferguson.  I don’t know too much about Mrs. Jackson’s tenure other than the fact that she was killed in a prison riot. Ms. Davidson tried but I feel she wasn’t suitable for the task.  Ms. Ferguson did better than both her predecessors but there were the rumors…

Enough of that, time to get to “know” my prison charges, starting with the woman who I’m told runs the cell block, Francesca Doyle.  The inmates call her Franky.

I know that Franky Doyle has been responsible for the drug smuggling ring at Wentworth Prison, I just need proof.  She’s a cagey one but not as tough as she pretends.  I sense that inside that hard exterior, there’s a frightened woman suffering from serious abandonment issues as a child. She seems desperate for the other women’s approval. Then there’s her “relationships” with Erica Davidson and Kim Chang.  I’m just glad that I don’t have to deal with Jacqueline Holt.  I definitely don’t condone murder but Bea Smith did this prison a favor by getting rid of such a cruel woman.

I have to get inside Franky’s head.  If I can think like her, I’ll have the weapon I need to keep her under control and in turn, the other women.

I must end this conversation as I have a meeting with Franky in five minutes.  I’m determine to be ready for her mind games and be the victor.

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