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For fans of Foxtel prison drama Wentworth’s spunky Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva), Season 6 Episode 3 titled “Bleed Out” offered viewers a satisfying conclusion to her quest for justice.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the Wentworth Season 6 episode titled “Bleed Out” please do not continue reading.

At the end of Season 5, Franky pulled off a daring escape from Wentworth Correction by hiding in a large crate from Sonya’s workshop.  The crate was being shipped so it was Doyle’s ticket to the outside and her chance to prove her innocence on murder charges. As the police searched for the fugitive, Franky managed to grab information from Iman’s apartment. Using an alias, she also schedules an appointment with Iman’s psychiatrist in the hopes that Iman confessed to the doctor that she and not Doyle actually killed Mike Pennisi.  However, things take a turn for the worst when the psychiatrist pushes the panic button under her desk alerting the police to Doyle’s presence. Franky takes off running but is shot in the shoulder.

Seriously wounded and suffering from blood loss, Frank calls girlfriend Bridget for help.  Providing medical assistance, Bridget patches up Franky’s wound but worries that Doyle could die from an infection or significant blood loss and encourages her to turn herself in so she can be taken to the hospital.  But Franky would rather die than go back to prison. So, Bridget risks her own freedom to steal a key (from the evidence room at Wentworth) to Iman’s storage locker. The police capture Bridget but release her so she can lead them to Franky.  With the authorities closing in, Franky finds the evidence she needs in the storage locker but collapses while taken into custody. She gets medical treatment and learns from the lead detective on the case that photos taken by Iman immediately following Pennisi’s death prove she and not Franky is the killer. And after questioning Tina Mercado, they learned Joan Ferguson’s alibi was false so Doyle is cleared of Iman’s murder as well. Franky gets her justice and is freed!

Seeing Franky being acquitted was bittersweet. I was elated that she was cleared of the murder charges and could resume her life on the outside with Bridget as a free woman. But the character of Franky Doyle was a large part of what I enjoyed about Wentworth.  She’s not without flaws and has committed her share of crimes (which was what landed her in Wentworth in the first place). But she’s a fighter and will get up no matter how often life knocks her down. Franky refused to be intimidated by sociopath Joan Ferguson. Doyle rolls with the punches (a throws a few of her own).  On television I’ve always liked those characters who weren’t conventional heroes. There are shades of gray in all of us and the people who accept who they are, both their bad and good traits are the happiest. Franky wanted love, but didn’t need Erica and Bridget to make her a better person. No one can do that for anyone. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Franky accepted who she was and it was that understanding that allowed her to open her heart and let love in.

I’m glad we got to see Franky visit her friends in Wentworth before walking off into the sunset with Bridget. Franky Doyle is an unforgettable Wentworth character and she will be missed.

To find out what Nicole da Silva had to say about Franky getting justice, check out this interview;


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