#Wentworth -What If Franky Runs Into Erica? (Speculations) via @stacyamiller85

At the end of Wentworth Season 3, a paroled Franky Doyle exits Wentworth Correctional and into the arms of waiting gal pal Bridget Westfall.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.


And Franky and Bridget live happily ever after? We don’t know what will happen in this relationship unless it is addressed when Wentworth returns for Season 4.

Now that Franky is a free woman, I’d like to offer this little scenario that could possibly throw a wrench in the Franky/Bridget romance: Erica Davidson.  Viewers will recall that Franky and the then Governor Davidson were hot and heavy at Wentworth Correctional, despite the impropriety of the connection: an officer and a prisoner? All sorts of wrong. Anyway, Erica leaves and Franky resumes her relationship with fellow prisoner Kim Chang until the arrival of psychologist Bridget Westfall.

Bridget sees something in Franky that makes her want to help the inmate. Soon, it’s obvious that she has feelings for Doyle above the doctor/patient concern. Bridget even resigns from her position in order to keep Franky safe from Joan Ferguson’s threats.  However, this doesn’t stop Bridget from appearing at Franky’s parole hearing to offer support.

But due of Erica’s quick departure from Wentworth Correctional, we never got to see a resolution of this relationship. So, if Franky and Erica were to run into each other on the outside, would sparks be rekindled?  Or was their attraction based on the forbidden fruit of the officer/prisoner dynamic?

I like to think that Franky would be faithful to Bridget.  But then again, we’re talking about Franky who is prone to screwing things up even when it’s not her intention.

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4 thoughts on “#Wentworth -What If Franky Runs Into Erica? (Speculations) via @stacyamiller85

  1. Man oh man that would be all sorts of hot & steamy love triangle going on if that happened. My scenario would be that while Bridget is off to work at Wentworth during the day Erica & Franky are rekindling their hot attraction to each other.


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