#GreysAnatomy – April and Jackson:The End of a Love Story via @stacyamiller85

Grey’s Anatomy episode “Unbreak My Heart” marked what appears to be the end of April and Jackson as a couple.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Unbreak My Heart,” please do not continue reading.

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For me, it’s sad that the marriage of April and Jackson has been filled with heartache and grief especially since they were so in love. But then again, April made the decision to marry Jackson while she was literally at the altar marrying someone else.

And of course, the tragedy of their baby further cemented the doom of this couple.  Still, I wish they could have found some way to work through their problems. I must admit that as a Sarah Drew fan since her days on Everwood, I’m probably an April Kepner cheerleader. I like that she’s a small town girl with values and traditional views on marriage. Yes, she’s made a truckload of mistakes but I still hoped that she and Jackson could survive and grow stronger.

 However, “Unbreak My Heart’ illustrated that April and Jackson’s relationship was on a collision from the start by showing the foundation of them as a couple. “Japil’s Anatomy” dissected their romance via flashbacks. We got to see how different they were and how those differences made their marriage lasting for the long run virtually impossible.
One of the best things about Grey’s Anatomy is that it never forgets its past. “Unbreak My Heart” reminded viewers of the deaths of April and Jackson’s friends when a gunman killed several doctors in the Season Six Finale. This particular part of the couple’s history impacted their growing relationship, making them cling to each other in the wake of tragedy.
I feel that April and Jackson may have survived as a couple if they spent more time talking to each other and less time talking at each other. They rarely were on the same page for any decision in their relationship.
Now, April signs divorce papers before revealing she’s pregnant. This bit of news might have changed the outcome of the dissolution of their union.  But again, April is not talking to Jackson the way she should.
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