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The Vampire Diaries’ Stefan Salvatore made a journey to New Orleans to enlist the help of The Originals’ Klaus Mikelson in an effort to rid himself of The Mark of The Phoenix Stone and to free him from Rayna Cruz’s pursuit.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t see The Vampire Diaries episode “Moonlight Over The Bayou,” and The Originals episode “A Streecar Named Desire,” please do not continue reading.

When you haven’t seen your vampire buddy in awhile, what’s the first thing you do? Talk about your girlfriend with her ex. Stefan caught Klaus up on the Caroline/Alaric baby drama. It’s funny, the old Klaus wouldn’t have cared less but now that he is daddy to Hope, Klaus can understand how it wouldn’t be easy for Caroline to relinquish Josie and Elizabeth (it was nice of Alaric to honor Caroline’s mother by giving his daughter her name) to Alaric.

I enjoyed the telephone conversation between Klaus and Caroline. It was really sweet, showing how sensitive Klaus has become now that he’s a father. They discussed Klaus giving her Hope’s old baby clothes and how to get babies to stop crying. He even expressed sympathy over the passing of Liz, stating he knows Caroline’s mother would have loved seeing her as a mother.

It’s obvious that Klaus still cares deeply for Caroline as he had ordered Stefan to leave New Orleans after spotting The Mark of The Phoenix Stone on him, not wanting to run afoul of Rayna and her hunter wrath, but reconsidered offering his help after hearing the fear in Caroline’s voice as she worried over Stefan’s safety.  Klaus arrived just in time as Rayna was this close to killing Stefan.

Then, it was off to see the wizard…no actually, a witch aka Klaus’ new older sister Freya to help them with the Rayna problem.  Freyna covered up Stefan’s vampire hunter beacon mark until they could figure a way to get Freya off his scent. That wasn’t the only problem Stefan had to contend with as there was the whole breaking the sire line situation the Mikelsons were dealing with. And why should Stefan care about that? Well, if Klaus dies so does he, Damon and Caroline. And the end of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals as well.


It was great seeing Stefan and Klaus together. I’ve always enjoyed Klaus’ interactions with The Vampire Diaries characters. I only wish that the writers could have found a way to bring Damon to New Orleans too. I also wish that Caroline had an actual face-to-face scene with Klaus as I always felt that Caroline was his great love.  Klaus helping to save Stefan was more about his feelings for Caroline than actual concern for Stefan. He did it for love.

The brother relationship between Damon and Stefan matches that of Elijah and Klaus, regardless of their differences each would die for the other.

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