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Sleepy Hollow continues to utilize its characters’ back stories as a bridge to connect the past with the current supernatural threat of Team Witness in order to aid them in defeating it. There were a few scenes in the last episode “Sins of the Father” that stood out for this viewer.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode  “Sins of the Father,” please do not continue reading.

The Mills Sisters Meet With Daddy

It’s never easy seeing a long absentee parent. What do you say to this person you hardly know? While Jenny was interested in learning Ezra’s reasons for leaving his family, Abbie questioned him on the events leading up to their mother’s descent into madness, afraid she’s following the same path.

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Nevins Returns

A bad penny always turns up.  So did Sleepy Hollow viewers really think we’d seen the last of Nevins? And of course, he brought along a ‘friend’. Actually two, a parasite scarb (inside his body no less!) and a deadly ghoul. Couldn’t he have just stayed gone?!

images (1)


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I am Ghoul…See Me Kill!

The Ghoul was one ugly and deadly monster.  And if you get in its way, the creature will go right through you…LITERALLY.  Just ask Randall, who met his end via fist of ghoul.

Capture imagesghoul-sophie

Young Nevins and Young August Corbin

August Corbin is one character in the Sleepy Hollow universe who was more than makes the eye. I’ve always felt that there were tons of information about Joe’s father and The Mills sisters’ mentor. We may never learn his whole story but at least we got a little glimpse into his past, thanks to Nevins.


Gordan Ramsey’s Got Nothing On Ichabod

Remember a few episodes ago when we watched Ichabod drop an entire tv dinner into a frying pan in order to cook? Well, our favorite Revolutionary gent has come along way! He was seen preparing a meal that would make Master Chef proud. Cheers Crane.


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