Why Do #Wentworth Fans Love Franky? via @stacyamiller85 @nicdasilva @Wentworth

Franky Doyle is one of the beloved characters of the addictive prison drama Wentworth.  And viewers can’t get enough of her.

The thing about Franky Doyle is that when she’s being very bad, that’s when the character is very good.  Franky is not the girl who was wrongly accused of a crime and sent to prison.  She was sent to prison because she was bloody guilty and there was never any question about that.  From flashbacks, viewers saw her assault of the cooking show host after he insulted her on live television.


She can be mean and cruel and has gone after other prisoners because of her status as top dog. And let’s not forget her drug ring at Wentworth Correctional. So why does a character like this have so many fans singing the “Team Franky”anthem?

I believe it is because Franky, despite her issues, is the person they wish they could be.  She doesn’t hold back regardless of the consequences.  Franky isn’t perfect, she has low self esteem which she hides via her tough exterior but is a survivor who refuses to be knocked down by anyone or anything, least of all life.  “Give it your best shot” seems to be her creedo.  She won’t let anyone see fear or weakness in her.

Nicole DaSilva plays Franky to delightful perfection.  The character is neither a hero or a villain, she’s s person with flaws who DaSilva portrays flawlessly.  What you see is definitely not what you get with Franky Doyle, it’s more like, ‘what you see is you better look closer because she’ll surprise you.’

I’m looking forward to seeing Nicole DaSilva continue to peel back Franky’s layers as a new chapter as a free woman begins for her when Wentworth returns for Season 4.

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