#LegendsofTomorrow Ratings and Review

Last night was a big night for the CW. It saw the debut of its new superhero series Legends of Tomorrow. But how well did it do and how did the ratings look?

Legends of Tomorrow feels a bit like a mixed bag for me. While I was excited to have a new superhero show, I wasn’t too excited for this particular team. It has always felt like a mismatched group that couldn’t figure out if it wanted to be the Justice League or the Suicide Squad. Quite frankly I’d rather just read/see about them then have this mash up, but I wanted to give the show a chance. The CW has really been on point with its superhero shows.

The show ended up still being a mixed bag for me even after watching the first episode. The good points were the cast, they all did well and it was really great getting to see these characters again and now all together. Many were castoffs from Arrow or The Flash and at least here they will get some love. I also really liked the barroom brawl scene, the action was well done.

Vandal Savage and his stick of DOOM

The bad was that that brawl was about the only action we really got to see. It was exposition heavy and that is never great for a first episode of a new show. The exposition was needed though as this shows premise is more complicated than most others. It went almost too comic book when we had to learn all the characters (thankfully I already knew them, but I’m sure some who watched did not), the new characters, about time travel, about the future, end of the world stuff, about the Time Masters, if the group was really going to do this or not, and Vandal Savage. Whew.

I’m also not very excited that Vandal Savage is the big baddie. Other CW shows have already showcased him and dispatched him in little more than an episode each. Wow, so bad. Not to mention it’s harder to care about the end of the world when it’s not an imminent threat. Global warming is more concerning right now than Vandal Savage. Just saying.

While this show is an ensemble cast, there is always a main one or two characters that a show will lead from. Legends of Tomorrow did not have a definite person(s) and I don’t think that will work out well for them if it continues. Should we be seeing more from Hawkman and Hawkgirl? More from Hunter? The Arrow crew? I don’t know and I don’t like having to figure it out while watching the show.

There is more good though. I like the added plot of the Time Masters going after them. It adds a bit more of that imminent danger I was talking about earlier. The time hopping was also fun and the group ends up back in the 1970’s for the episode. I kind of wish Hunter had time hopped to pick out the team, but that is a minor gripe.

None of the group looking convinced to do this – part of them haven’t even bothered to take off their coats!

The show gets a 6.5 out of 10 from me. It has some good bones to work with and a really great cast to hopefully use to their full potential, but it also has some issues it needs to deal with and quickly if it hopes to keep viewers. Let’s hope for some seriously devious, time twisting plots from Savage.

The ratings did well for the shows debut with a solid 1.2. I think being paired with The 100 will also do well for both shows on Thursday nights and bring in more viewers.

What did you think of the show? Tell me in the comments below or let us know on twitter @thenerdygirlexp or on my personal twitter @quietlikeastorm.

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