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Supernatural‘s standard monster of the week episode “Into the Mystic” was above standards. An exciting hour of television with great guest stars.

This article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen “Into the Mystic”, please do not continue reading.

When I found out that Dee Wallace would be making an appearance on Supernatural, my interest was piqued. She is a very talented actress who is known for some iconic horror roles.  I knew that whatever character she portrayed would be in very capable hands.

Then, I started to panic.  What if Dee’s character turned out to be evil and a foe to the brothers?  I didn’t think I could take that revelation.  Thankfully, none of these turned out to be the case.  Dee’s character, Mildred was instrumental in helping Sam and Dean Winchester defeat the monster.

As an avid horror fan, I find the Supernatural episodes that focus on the monster hunting instead of the heavy mythology story arcs to be more enjoyable.  I know that the show needed to expand outside two brothers hunting monsters in order to achieve longevity but sometimes I feel it gets weighed down by the angel war, end of the world conflicts, The Darkness etc.

That being said, in this episode, Sam and Dean faced a Banshee, an entity that preys on weakness in order to eat the victim’s brains. The Winchester brothers meet Mildred (Dee Wallace) while investigating a death at a retirement home.  Mildred later witnesses another death and catches a glimpse of the monster in action.  She is able to provide detailed information that aid in Sam and Dean’s research.

A deaf young maid, Marlene, reads Sam and Dean’s lips in which they discuss the monster and “feeding time”.  It turns out she is not Marlene (as the maid has been away from work) but Eileen. Sam convinces her that he is not the Banshee. Eileen’s exposition reveals she was the baby in the teaser who’s parents were killed by the Banshee. It also rendered her deaf.  Additionally, Eileen’s father was a Man of Letters which gives her a connection to the Winchesters.

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Kudos to Supernatural for having a deaf character on the show and having her be useful. Shoshannah Stern made Eileen a character of courage and conviction.  She had amazing chemistry with Jared Padalecki and Dee Wallace.

Dee Wallace’s Mildred provided humor, the light to counterbalance the dark terror of the Banshee.  She was a sassy older woman with the hots for Dean.  Loved when she signed to Eileen that the girl could have “the tall one” because Mildred wasn’t much of a rock climber!  Plus, viewers learned that both Sam and Dean had Golden Girl crushes.

download (1)

In the end, it is Mildred and Eileen that save Sam and Dean from the Banshee.  I hope Supernatural finds a way to bring Dee Wallace and Shoshannah Stern back for future episodes.  I’d also watch an Mildred/Eileen Supernatural spinoff, just saying.

imagesimages (7)

But course, even in the monster-of-the-week episodes, we are still reminded of the bigger picture of the season i.e The Darkness. Plus let’s not forget Castiel as Lucifer’s vessel.  Casifer?  Anyway, there’s exploding an angel, infiltrating the Men of Letters bunker and learning from Dean about Winchester’s feelings towards Amara.  Useful intel indeed.

images (2)images

Finally, viewers got a great bro moment at the end in which Dean told a guilty Sam that he forgave him for Sam not looking for him when he was in Purgatory. However, Dean is still keeping secrets from Sam (which never turns out well) by not telling his brother about his Amara feelings.Dean’s fear and weakness made him the Banshee’s target.

What did you think of “Into the Mystic”?  Sound off in the comments.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .






6 thoughts on “#Supernatural Into The Mystic: @Dee_Wallace Helps Sam and Dean On a Case via @stacyamiller85 @cw_spn

  1. MARVELOUSLY well-written piece. I loved how you highlighted the strengths of the guest actors against the backdrop of the plot. Supernatural has been known to take risks and Into the Mystic was a wonderful result.


  2. I thought In To The Mistic was expertly written,directed and acted!I really enjoyed Dee.She brought a lot of energy and humor.I hope she is on again. Dean needs to talk to Sam soon about Amara.


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