#Wentworth Profile – Who Was Simone Slater? via @stacyamiller85

Simone (Simmo) Slater is a mother not unlike Bea Smith.  They both had daughters who were at risk because of the Holt crime family.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

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Simmo worked as one of Jacs Holt’s enforcers during the first season of Wentworth.  She almost had her kneecap broken by Boomer on Frankie’s orders, but Bea convinced Boomer not to do it and saves Simmo. After Jacs was killed by Bea, Franky became top dog at the prison.


Simmo continues to work for the Holts  by enabling drugs to come through the prison.  However, after Brayden Holt kills Debbie, Bea tries to make Simmo realize that her own daughter is at risk for a similar tragic outcome.  However, the Holts (through Simmo’s husband) offer Simmo a deal: Kill Bea Smith and we help you get released from Wentworth Prison.

Because she’s not a killer, Simmo is wrecked with guilt over the thought of murdering Bea.  But unfortunately for her, Governor Joan Ferguson kills her with a fatal injection of a lethal drug called “Pink Dragon” which Ferguson manages to get through a contraband seize.

I don’t believe that Simmo was a bad person, just a woman who made a misstep in her life resulting in her imprisonment. She loved her daughter and would have done anything to ensure her child didn’t have the same future that she did.

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