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The second part of the Season 3 premiere of The 100, Wanheda: Part 2 explored multiple story lines in a compact hour of television.

This article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen “Wanheda:Part 2”, please do not continue reading.


The 100 may be a series that shows a lot of action and adventure but it is heavy in emotional drama as well.  Its core is the characters and their interactions with each other, the relationships.  I think this is one of the reasons “shipping” has become a popular activity among this fandom.

In Part 2, viewers meet Monty’s mother who is part of the group that descended upon Bellamy, Kane, Indra, Jasper and Monty in Part 1.  Monty is happy to be reunited with his mother but learns his father didn’t make it.  Apparently, Monty’s dad saved the lives of some children before being killed by a Grounder.  So now, these Ark members’ mission  is to kill as many Grounders as they can.  Although the Arkadia nation and the Grounders have a tentative alliance after the war with Mount Weather, Monty’s mother and Pike, the leader of this group of Ark survivors see things differently.  They were not apart of the “peace meetings” last year and to them, The Grounders are killers.  They believe that The Grounders and the dangerous Ice Nation are one in the same.

Meanwhile, Clarke is still a prisoner of Roan, who intends to take her to The Ice Queen.  Clarke struggles to escape from him to no avail.  However, when Bellamy finally arrives to rescue her but falls victim to Roan, Clarke cries that she will do anything Roan wants as long as he spares Bellamy’s life.  The depths of her feelings for Bellamy are stronger than her own well being.  I’m sure the ‘Bellarke’ shippers were touched by this scene.  Bellamy, in turn, will risk his life to save Clarke.  Even after he is injured in the leg by Roan, he refuses to give up until he brings her back.


The relationship between The Grounders and The Arkadia Nation (the former Sky People) continue to be one of partial trust.  When Lincoln’s friend Nyko is injured and needs to go to the medical center at Mount Weather for a blood transfusion, it falls to Lincoln to convince Abby to take a Grounder inside Mount Weather.

Jasper’s relationship with Abby is strained as he’s still grieving Maya’s death and blames Clarke. Abby is concerned and afraid that his anger and resentment will lead him down the same tragic path as Finn. “She killed him too”, Jasper says bitterly.

But later inside Mount Weather, Jasper finally breaks down over Maya’s loss and is comforted by Octavia, reminding viewers of the closeness these two once shared.

Remember Emori?  She and Murphy reconnect, hinting at a possible relationship.  Whether it will be romantic or a mutually beneficial partnership remains to be seen.  Even Jaha is involved in a relationship of sorts with the A.I. lifeform, Alie.  Though the City of Lights seems more like a mind-controlling cult facility to me.

But the best part of “Wanheda: Part 2” is when Roan delivers Clarke, not to The Ice Queen (who we learn is his mother), but to Lexa.  Sorry Clexa shippers, this is not the happy nor romantic moment you may have hoped for.  Clarke is still furious with Lexa over her betrayal so no kissing will occur between these too. In fact, Clarke shouts “You wanted the Commandeer of Death, you got her!” before vowing to kill Lexa.


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