#Wentworth Profile – Who is Kim Chang? via @stacyamiller85

How hard is it to be the “gal pal” of Franky Doyle?  Just ask Wentworth’s Kim Chang.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.


Kim Chang loves Franky Doyle.

They have been in a “relationship” since Kim’s arrival at Wentworth.  Being the girlfriend of Franky has its ups and downs. Since Franky is a top dog in Wenworth Prison and almost like the prisoners’ President, Kim was the unofficial First Lady.  Everyone knew she was involved with Franky so she was treated with a certain amount of respect.

But when Governor Joan Ferguson arrived, everything changed.  Kim was transferred to another cell block for the opportunity to finish her studies.  Shortly therefore, Kim is granted parole and leaves Wentworth Prison.

Both she and Franky are sadden by her departure. However, it doesn’t take long for Kim to violate parole and end up back behind bars.  However, things have changed as Franky has now developed an attraction to prison psychiatrist Bridget Westfall. This makes Kim furious believing Franky and Bridget are in a sexual relationship. Things were never the same after that.

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2 thoughts on “#Wentworth Profile – Who is Kim Chang? via @stacyamiller85

  1. I loved Franky and Kim together aka Frim. It was the only real relationship that was going on inside the prison. S1 was prob my favourite season for them together. I did feel sorry for Kim at times though where Franky could be a bit of a dick towards her. But overall they made a cute couple. The prob was though that Franky knew she could have Kim any time she wanted & in the end it was boring to her because you can tell Franky loves the thought of getting something/someone she knows she cannot really have. The chase & thrill excites her & with Kim she didn’t have to do any of that. Which you can understand it would get pretty boring in prison & franky needs some kind of stimulation & excitement at times. She also likes the thought of chasing someone who is in authority the kind of “no go zone” thing is intriguing to her whereas Kim was just an inmate like herself


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