#Wentworth Profile: Who is Matt Fletcher? via @stacyamiller85 @AaronCJeffrey

The life of a correctional officer isn’t easy.  You’re tasked with keeping many prisoners in line to maintain their safety and well being.  However, Wentworth Correctional Officer Matt Fletcher would have never dreamed that his greatest danger would come from not the prisoners, but his high ranking supervisor, Governor Joan Ferguson.

This article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

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Matt Fletcher takes his job as a correctional officer very seriously.  Unlike his colleague Deputy Governor Vera Bennett, he is more concerned with maintaining order than prisoner feelings.  This strict code for prison regulations should have made him a shoe-in to become the next Governor after Meg Bennett was killed.  Unfortunately he was passed over, not once, but twice.  First in favor of Erica Davidson and then for Joan Ferguson.

Although he might have been upset to lose out on the position to Davidson, Fletcher was furious about Joan Ferguson being made Governor over him.  Primarily, because her didn’t like her. And for Ferguson, the feeling was deadly mutual. She considered Fletcher inept at his job and was determined to get him dismissed.

Matt Fletcher wasn’t the only person Governor Ferguson targeted.  She also harbored a deep hatred of Will Jackson for actions he committed when he was a social worker.  This vendetta against Jackson put Matt in the line of fire when he uncovered the truth.  He became victim of a hit and run (actually the hitman on Ferguson’s payroll was responsible) and spent several months in rehabilitation.

He was supported in his recovery by Vera Bennett, who he briefly dated.  Eventually, Fletcher did recover, began working at Wentworth Prison again and discovered Ferguson culpability in his accident as well as her other nefarious deeds.  Matt soon found himself working with prisoner Bea Smith to bring her down.

Towards the conclusion of Wentworth Season 3,  Fletcher discovered Ferguson talking to her dead father “You’re insane”, he said. This made Joan Ferguson more determined than ever to see him dead. So, out came Mr. Hitman again but this time, he failed in his attempts to harm Matt.

As Wentworth concluded its third season, Joan Ferguson seems as though she will be paying for her crimes. And the Governor position is again open.  Will Fletcher finally get his shot?  I doubt it, Bea Smith would become Governor first!

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