#Wentworth Profile- What About Joan? via @stacyamiller85

Governor Ferguson aka “The Freak” has wrecked havoc at Wentworth Prison since her arrival during Season 2 of Wentworth.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.


Joan Ferguson seems to thrive on intimidation and fear.  She has a controlling personality and wants her underlings to fall into line and follow her orders.  If she sees you as a threat to her plans, Ferguson has ways to eliminate that threat.  Just ask Matt Fletcher who was one of her victims and almost lost his life. There are many, many more victims of Governor Ferguson’s reign of terror, like Simone Slater and Jess Warner.

Joan Ferguson wasn’t always this way.  As a correctional officer just starting out, Ferguson developed an affection for a young, pregnant inmate, Jhiana, who was later found hung after a social worker (Will Jackson) took her baby away. Full of rage and guilt, Ferguson vowed revenge against Jackson and plotted a deadly course of revenge. But before the tragic of Jhiana’s death, Joan Ferguson was a victim of insecurity and worthlessness due to her belief that she was never good enough in the eyes of her father.  This manifested itself in episodes in which Ferguson who sees her dead father and talk with him. In these episodes, Mr. Ferguson would encourage toughness and not showing weakness.

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Joan Ferguson needs psychiatrist help, which hopefully she will receive now that her crimes have been discovered. Though, I’m sure there are many who would consider it poetic justice if she served a stint at Wentworth Prison.

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