Why Do People In Authority At #Wentworth Take An Interest In Franky? via @stacyamiller85

Wentworth’s Franky Doyle is an interesting one.  Inside the tough exterior lies a little girl suffering from abandonment issues.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

For someone who is on the radar of prison officials for smuggling in drugs, Franky Doyle seems to get a lot of sympathy and understanding from those in authority, like former Governor Erica Davidson and prison psychiatrist Bridget Westfall.

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I think that both these women saw something in Franky that no one else ever did.  They reasoned that Franky Doyle was someone who suffered from self loathing, which lead to destructive behavior due to her father leaving her as a child.  Franky felt because she never deserved to be loved she might as well do whatever she wanted, regardless of the consequences.  First with Erica but more so with Bridget, Franky was finally able to open up.  And ironically, find love behind bars.

Bridget has since left Wentworth Prison.  And now, Franky Doyle has been released. Who was waiting for her outside the gate?  You guess it, Bridget Westfall. After a passionate kiss, the two left to start their life together.

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But I get the feeling that somehow Franky will mess things up.  Old habits are hard to break.

What do you think, will Franky and Bridget live happily ever after? Sound off in the comments. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .

2 thoughts on “Why Do People In Authority At #Wentworth Take An Interest In Franky? via @stacyamiller85

  1. I think its more Franky likes the thought of chasing someone in authority. I agree that Erica & Bridget both saw something in Franky that not everyone could see. The fact that she has alot of potential & is very intelligent is something that makes her even more irresistible, & I believe thats what draw Erica & Bridget to Franky (apart from the fact that she’s a hottie). Franky loves the chase, she gets bored with someone she knows she can get & have anytime she wants (ie Kim Chang) & the thought of that person she’s chasing being in authority just makes it all the more thrilling for her.


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