5 Shocking Moments of #The100 Watch the Thrones via @stacyamiller85 @the100writers

While watching Thursday’s episode of The 100, did you find yourself going “OMG!” a lot? If so, you weren’t alone as there were a few shocking moments from everyone’s favorite survivalist series.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen The 100 episode “Watch the Thrones” please do not continue reading.

Here are the 5 Shocking Moments that made our jaws drop:

  • The Queen Is Dead…

Before we got to know how cold The Ice Queen could get, the ice was melted when Lexa killed her with a spear to the heart. Queen Nia, we hardly knew you.

  • download (4) …Long Live The King!

Lexa and Roan fight to the death had a surprising outcome when instead of killing her opponent, she opted to end the life of her long-time nemesis, The Ice Queen.  The question is- Were Lexa and Roan working together to get rid of his mother?

download (5)

  • Lexa, Warrior Princess

We were constantly hearing talk of how strong Lexa is and yes, she has proven she has the strength of a leader to make tough decisions. But boy, can she fight too!  Lexa can kick ass and take lives (Nia).

download (6)

  • Pike is the new Chancellor

Viewers have been watching the ongoing power struggle between Abby and Kane for the position of Chancellor.  On “Watch the Thrones” we got a new Chancellor.  And the winner is…Pike? Huh? Say what?  This feels like a plot device to get Bellamy to do something reckless and stupid in his grief over the death of Gina and the destruction of Mount Weather by following Pike.  Speaking of which…

images (3)

  • What the Hell, Bell?

It looks like Bellamy is about to make a decision he’s going to regret by siding with Pike in launching an attack against The Grounders. Is is just me, or is he becoming darker this season?

images (2)

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2 thoughts on “5 Shocking Moments of #The100 Watch the Thrones via @stacyamiller85 @the100writers

  1. Although I usually prefer the more detailed analysis over the standard “list” posts, I have to applaud your refreshing and humorous approach to The 100. I really enjoy your ingenious spin and appreciate the merits of the episode more. BRAVO!


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