#Wentworth – Meg and Will Jackson -Speculations via @stacyamiller85

Little is known about the marriage of Wentworth Governor Meg Jackson and her husband, correctional officer, Will.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

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Most of the story involving their relationship was learned following Meg’s death in the prison riot. We assumed that they met on the job, either at Wentworth Correctional or somewhere else prior. Did Will want to be governor and was passed over in favor of his wife Meg?  And how did Will feel about having his wife as his boss?

Viewers also discovered that Meg was having an affair with Will’s friend and colleague, Matt Fletcher.  What problems in the Jackson marriage caused Meg to turn to another man? Why did she chose Will’s friend and someone so close to where she and her husband both worked? In anger, Matt berated Will and the Jackson’s marriage but even he didn’t know the whole story.

And neither did we. Unfortunately, Meg herself is unable to reveal the truth.

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