Lesley-Ann Brandt Actress Profile

Fans of Lucifer will know Lesley-Ann Brandt as the killer demon, Mazikeen, frequently referred to by the nickname Maze. If you aren’t watching Lucifer then you are totally missing out on some amazing acting, especially from Brandt. In the most recent episode she was the key element in an epic fight scene, where her character took out an entire gang. But this post isn’t all about Lucifer, this post is all about the amazingly talented Brandt.

Now besides being a deadly demon on Fox, she has appeared in a number of television series, most notably Spartacus. She appeared in both Spartacus: War of the Damned and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena as Naevia. She was also in Diplomatic Immunity, Single Ladies, and The Librarians. In The Librarians she played the character Lamia, who was part of a brotherhood that killed potential librarians. Brandt also appeared in the series Gotham as the assassin Larissa Diaz, another one of my favorite shows. As you can see she has played a number of amazingly strong characters.

lesley ann gotham

Besides television Lesley-Ann Brandt has appeared in movies that span a variety of genres. She was in The Hopes and Dreams of Gaza Snell in 2010. Brandt also appeared in the horror/crime film InSight. She was also in A Beautiful Soul, Drift, and Duke. Most recently, in 2015, Brandt performed in the movies Painkillers, a sci-fi movie involving a super secret military mission with strange repercussions, and Heartlock, a prison drama involving a male prisoner seducing a female guard to find a way out of jail.

lesley ann brandt pic

You should definitely check out Lesley-Ann Brandt in Lucifer on Fox, Monday nights at 9 pm est. She is a delight to watch as Maze and every week when we get to see more of her she is amazing.

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