Happy Birthday @chitchatchicks Jane Rothman via @stacyamiller85 @Annie_Hall

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Jane Rothman of Chit Chat Chicks for The Nerdy Girl Express.

Though I shouldn’t call it an interview. Yes, I learned some fascinating things about Jane which I had the honor of sharing with readers. But like the title of her show, we were really just ‘Chit Chat Chicks’ as it became less formal and more about just ‘talking’ and getting to know her (and eachother).

Today, I’d like to wish Jane a Happy Birthday as she celebrates her special day. ¬†She has touched many lives just by being her.

Additionally, she is an extremely gifted photographer who’s work inspires (just ask my twin, poet and The Nerdy Girl Express’ Tracy Diane Miller, who continues to write poetry based on Jane’s work).

I look forward to continuing my friendship with Jane, Chit Chat Chicks and enjoying more of her photos!

For more information about Jane Rothman:

WordPress  photography blog:


Chit Chat Chicks Live:







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