Is Bad Parenting the Result of #Wentworth Characters’ Bad Choices? via@stacyamiller85

Our parents help shape us into the people we grow up to be.  But can we blame the choices that we make as adults on how we were raised by our parents?

This article contains spoilers so if your haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

While watching Wentworth, I noticed a constant theme that kept showing up.  It was the child/parent relationship and how this had affected several characters on the show.

Debbie Smith seemed to have a close relationship with her mother.  When Bea decided to end the abuse she experienced at the hands of her husband Harry and was sent to prison, it was obvious that Debbie needed the guiding hand of her mother. Without it, Debbie fell prey to Brayden Holt and was subsequently murdered by him.


Speaking of Brayden, he grew up in a very dangerous and destructive household as the son of mob family, The Holts. His father was a kingpin and mother Jacqueline was sent to Wentworth Correctional for murder, a murder that as a child, Brayden had witnessed.  Years later, Brayden pursues a life of crime and is murdered himself.


Sophie Donaldson spent her formative years motherless after Liz’s alcoholism was the reason Liz was imprisoned.  Like mother, like daughter- years later, Sophie finds herself in the same predicament .

images (2)

Franky Doyle was abandoned by her father when she was a little girl after her walked out on she and her mother.  She developed low self-esteem due to her daddy issues which caused her to have a violent temper, landing her in Wentworth Correctional.images (3)

Speaking of daddy issues, sadistic Governor Joan Ferguson’s manufactured as hallucinations of her parental figure, who continued to berate her, even in her mind.  As she never felt good enough, Ferguson made it her life’s goal to hide any feelings that resembled weakness and to belittle others she viewed as weak.

download (1)

Vera Bennett was a dutiful daughter to a demanding mother.  Like Franky Doyle, she had low self-esteem but unlike Franky, she also had no confidence.images

I believe that yes, although our parents give us the foundation we need towards being better people, we can’t entirely blame them for the people we become as we are responsible for the choices we make.

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