#Wentworth – Does Franky Still Love Erica? via @stacyamiller85 @nicdasilva #LeannaWalsman

In a recent article, I asked Wentworth fans to vote on who they thought was the right woman for Franky.  In an overwhelming margin, Erica was the clear winner.

It’s apparent that a large amount of people feel that Franky and Erica have unfinished business between them.

I wonder how Franky would feel?  Even though when she was recently paroled, current gal pal Bridget Westfall was waiting for her, does Franky ever think about Erica?  Better still, is Erica out there somewhere pining for Franky?  Erica’s abrupt departure from Wentworth Correctional left any feelings between she and Franky unresolved.

I hope that this is a storyline that the writers of Wentworth explore with the return of Leanna Walsman as Erica Davidson.  I enjoyed the scenes and chemistry between she and Nicole DaSilva’s Franky and wonder how explosive their relationship could get without the confines of prison.

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3 thoughts on “#Wentworth – Does Franky Still Love Erica? via @stacyamiller85 @nicdasilva #LeannaWalsman

  1. I wouldn’t say Franky loved or loves Erica it was such an intense thing they had going on that was cut short unfortunately. They didn’t get a chance to even get those kind of feelings for one another but it definitely could get to the love stage if they ever do get that chance. Its more of unfinished business that I think Franky would want some closer on.


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