What If #Wentworth ‘s Bea Smith Found Love? via @stacyamiller85 @daniellecormack @Wentworth

After writing several articles regarding the right woman for Franky and whether she still loved Erica, it made me wonder about that other Wentworth favorite, Bea Smith.

Bea Smith has suffered devasating life blows, the death of her beloved daughter Debbie and being convicted and sentenced to prison without parole.  But what if Bea had the opportunity to find love?

I’d like to offer some speculations.  Of course, these are mine and have not been presented on the series Wentworth.

Bea was married to Harry Smith and they had a daughter, Debbie.  I’m sure that there was a time in their courtship and marriage when Bea and Harry loved each other very much. Sadly, those feelings changed into violence with Bea’s decision to put an end to it changing the course of her life.

Bea was arrested for the attempted murder of her husband and later killed her daughter Debbie’s murderer Brayden Holt.  Now, Bea is serving a life sentence at Wentworth Correctional.  Not exactly the ideal venue for love and romance.  That being said, it’s not entirely impossible for her to meet someone behind bars.  Look at Franky Doyle, who had a very active love life at Wentworth Correctional.  Maybe Bea has already met Mr. Right.  Governor Joan Ferguson hinted at a romantic involvement between Bea and Will Jackson.  Even though that was just to cause trouble for Jackson, what if Bea and Will developed feelings for each other?  I believe they’d make a great couple, they already have a mutual respect for each other. And prisoner/officer relationships seem to be the norm at Wentworth Correctional.

Or perhaps Bea could meet a male prisoner from another facility (it worked for Doreen).  Or maybe a male psychologist who could help her deal with lingering emotional issues.  Franky had success in this area with Bridget Westfall.

What do you think?  Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .

3 thoughts on “What If #Wentworth ‘s Bea Smith Found Love? via @stacyamiller85 @daniellecormack @Wentworth

  1. I be down with that. Hopefully it would be Kaz. Bea needs to find someone, I mean shez doing life, shez got a hell of a long time to go before her sentence is finished.


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