#Wentworth -Bea vs Franky-Toughest Badass? via @stacyamiller85 @daniellecormack @nicdasilva

Between Wentworth’s Bea Smith and Franky Doyle – Who is the toughest badass?

Both these women have been Wentworth Correctional’s ‘Top Dog’ and have their own followers. Among viewers, there are Team Bea and Team Franky camps.

Bea and Franky have had physical battles to prove superiority.  As a fan of both characters and they actresses who portray them, Danielle Cormack and Nicole DaSilva, this is a tough call.  I had to go back and review their “Greatest Hits” but was still unable to come to a clear winner.

Who do you think is the toughest badass? Bea Smith or Franky Doyle?


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