#Wentworth Bea’s Letter To Franky via @stacyamiller85 @daniellecormack @nicdasilva @Wentworth

Franky Doyle has been paroled but Bea Smith will be spending the rest of her life inside Wentworth Correctional.  What would Bea say to Franky about her getting her life back on the outside?

This is a fictional letter from Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) to Franky Doyle (Nicole DaSilva) and has not aired on the series Wentworth.


So you’re out.  I can’t say I’m not surprised, because I am.  After all the stunts you pulled while in here, I thought you and I would be the last two bitches left inside, fighting until the very end.  Two bitter, stubborn old broads.

What’s surprising to me is that I think I’m going to miss you.  Wow, did I just say that?  It’s unbelievable after all we’ve been through together and especially after all we’ve done to each other.  I would have thought that one of us would have left here in a body bag at the hands of the other.

When I first got here, I was terrified.  You and Jacs didn’t make it easy for me.  But if nothing else, I learned how to survive because of you.  You toughen me up and made me Queen Bea.  

But now you have a chance at a life again.  Don’t screw it up!  I’ll take care of Boomer and the girls, so don’t worry.  


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